Bringing Money With You

Bringing Money with You
The US money system is​ quite easy to​ learn .​
we​ have several denominations of​ bills: $1,​ $2,​ $5,​ $10,​ $20,​ $50,​ and $100 .​
the​ coin system is​ equally as​ simple .​
we​ have a​ penny (1 cent),​ a​ nickel (5 cents),​ a​ dime (10 cents),​ a​ quarter (25 cents),​ half dollar (50 cents),​ and several $1 coins (Sacagawea,​ the​ silver dollar,​ and the​ new gold President dollar) .​

Foreign exchange bureaus are not easily found in​ the​ US so make sure you have your money converted before your trip .​
Some banks may exchange it​ for you at​ a​ fee.
Traveler's Checks in​ US denominations are accepted everywhere in​ the​ US .​
Foreign checks are quite difficult to​ exchange .​
There are three that are widely recognized here in​ the​ US .​
They are Visa,​ Mastercard,​ and Thomas Cook .​
Be sure to​ keep the​ serial numbers written down in​ a​ safe place in​ case yours are lost or​ stolen .​
To exchange them for US cash,​ you will need your driver's license and/or your passport for identification.
Credit Cards accepted in​ the​ US are Visa,​ Mastercard,​ American Express,​ Diner's Club,​ Discover,​ and Carte Blanche .​
Some Vegas vendors may also accept international cards such as​ enRoute,​ EuroCard,​ and JCB .​
Most businesses will have a​ sticker in​ the​ corner of​ their door to​ let you know what they will and won't accept .​
Also,​ some businesses may require a​ minimum ten dollar purchase before they will accept the​ card.
ATMs can be found on​ almost every block in​ the​ US .​
Make sure your PIN number is​ well out of​ sight and don't place it​ on​ the​ back of​ your card .​
You can only get US currency out of​ the​ ATMs .​
If you are not with the​ bank you are withdrawing from,​ expect to​ be charged $3 or​ more for the​ transaction .​
One way to​ get around the​ fee is​ go to​ a​ grocery store and buy something and get cash back .​
Fees are not usually charged then .​

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