Big Money With Folios

Big Money With Folios

One of​ the​ easiest,​ if​ not the​ easiest,​ ways of​ getting started
with a​ profitable mail order business of​ your own is​ through the
promotion and sale of​ money-making folios or​ reports.
Generally,​ the​ beginner purchases a​ series of​ these
reports-complete with reproduction rights .​
He reproduces them in
whatever quantity and as​ often as​ he likes-usually at​ a​ cost of
less than 5 cents each,​ sends out an​ advertising circular.
As has been said so many times in​ countless mail order advice
publications,​ you never really make any real money until you
control the​ product .​
When you buy the​ reproduction rights to​ a
set of​ reports,​ you control the​ product .​
You can advertise the
sale of​ these reports individually via national classified ads,​
and follow up with your advertising circular as​ a​ full page
advertisement or​ send it​ out as​ part of​ your direct mail
packages .​
The bottom line is​ simply that when the​ orders come in,​
you keep all the​ money for yourself,​ reproduce the​ reports for
pennies and end up with a​ profit that's beyond the​ belief of
other people in​ other types of​ businesses.
It's virtually impossible to​ convince most people that you can
make a​ profit of​ at​ least $1.00 per sheet of​ paper,​ but it's
being done every day of​ the​ week,​ and is​ actually the​ easiest way
there is​ of​ making money! Give it​ a​ try yourself,​ and you'll
probably be flabbergasted too.
The best part of​ getting started with these folios is​ that you'll
have an​ opportunity to​ see how they're written,​ precisely what
kind of​ information they contain,​ and from there,​ the​ background
you'll need to​ start writing similar folios and reports of​ your
Let's say you send for the​ group of​ reports on​ the​ many ways of
making money in​ various small businesses .​
Just as​ soon as​ you get
them,​ read them over carefully .​
Make sure you understand and
fully comprehend the​ information and instructions in​ each report
because any one of​ them-all of​ them-are very definitely
problem-solving reports that can aid you in​ your own quest for
success .​
Jot down a​ few notes relative to​ those you want to​ use,​
and/or pertinent information you might want to​ incorporate into a
report of​ your own-one that you write yourself and not only set
the selling price on,​ but also who or​ how people sell it.
The next thing is​ to​ take this series of​ reports to​ some of​ the
print shops in​ your area and ask them for a​ bid on​ their costs to
print up an​ inventory supply for you .​
When you finally find a
shop that'll print them at​ a​ cost that's agreeable to​ you,​ have a
supply printed up .​
After they're printed,​ be sure to​ separate
your originals or​ masters from the​ supply you're going to​ be
selling .​
It's best to​ keep these master copies in​ a​ file cabinet
or someplace completely removed or​ separate from where you store
your inventory.
You're just about ready to​ start raking in​ the​ big money-but
first-you have to​ get the​ word out that you've got these reports
ready,​ and for sale to​ anyone that wants to​ buy a​ copy .​
suggest that you select one of​ the​ reports you fell will interest
the most people-Such a​ report might be How to​ Get Big $$$.....
Make up a​ simple classified ad: FREE REPORT!
How to​ Get Big $$ in​ Your Mailbox--Everyday! Send SASE to​ CASH,​
Box 123,​ Anywhere USA 01020 .​
Place this ad in​ as​ many of​ the
national coverage mail order publications as​ you can afford to
advertise in,​ and then hang on​ for a​ deluge of​ orders.
With each order,​ simply take a​ copy of​ this report and include it
with a​ copy of​ your advertising flyer listing all of​ your other
reports---with your name/address in​ place ours,​ of​ course-and
send it​ back to​ them in​ the​ self-addressed,​ stamped envelope that
they sent you .​
In most cases,​ you'll find that about half of
those people who have sent in​ for a​ copy of​ the​ free report,​ will
turn around and send you $15 for the​ complete set with
reproduction rights.
Simple-easy-and with a​ profit potential in​ the​ hundreds of
thousands of​ dollars because you'll find that every one of​ these
reports will sell for years and years to​ come!
As mentioned earlier,​ you should study the​ reports you buy and
from them,​ eventually write your own reports,​ making up your own
advertising circulars,​ and not only set your own selling price,​
but control the​ number of​ people selling them .​
Writing and
selling simple business success reports is​ how most of​ the
biggies in​ mail order got their start-it's the​ bread and butter
of most mail order businesses-and the​ only right way to​ go if
you're trying to​ make it​ with a​ minimum investment.
Send for your FREE listing of​ the​ many How To reports that you
can purchase and reproduce for pennies and sell for dollars.
Infopreneur Box 96,​ Purdy,​ MO 65734-0096.

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