Benefits Money

Benefits Money

Mention the​ feature but sell the​ benefits is​ an​ age-old maxim of​ sales. What your products are made from is​ a​ feature; what they do for you is​ a​ benefit. it​ is​ benefits that make the​ sale and puts money in​ your pocket.

Consider providing the​ obvious benefits of​ your products and also the​ not so obvious ones. Look through your entire product line and determine as​ many benefits as​ possible for as​ many products as​ you can. Write them down,​ don't prejudge them as​ being far-fetched,​ simply list them.

Take into consideration the​ top two reasons people book a​ party-plan presentation. the​ first is​ to​ learn something and the​ second is​ to​ have fun. This doesn't mean you need to​ become a​ stand-up comic to​ get bookings. it​ does mean that by providing variations in​ uses of​ your products the​ far-fetched ones provide the​ humor while the​ others provide the​ learning.

The obvious benefit of​ booking a​ presentation is​ the​ hostess package your company provides. Most consultants hammer away at​ the​ free and reduced products people receive by booking. This is​ provides information to​ the​ potential hostess as​ to​ what she will receive if​ she books. But,​ if​ most people book to​ learn something or​ to​ have fun,​ what other benefits are the​ potential hostesses receiving by booking? Can they experience exactly how something will look on​ their wall by booking? Are they able to​ match your product to​ what is​ already hanging in​ their closet? These benefits,​ that are obvious to​ the​ consultant,​ are not necessarily obvious to​ the​ consumer.

What are the​ benefits of​ buying your products instead of​ going to​ a​ store to​ buy similar items? Does your company provide a​ warranty on​ the​ products? How does the​ warranty provide a​ benefit over and above what they would receive by purchasing a​ similar product in​ a​ store? Can they try make-up on​ and see exactly what that eye shadow will look like on​ them before they purchase it? Do they get your one-on-one attention after the​ show? These are benefits of​ booking. What are the​ benefits of​ someone booking a​ presentation with you?

By focusing on​ the​ benefits of​ your products and reasons for booking,​ your sales and presentations will dramatically increase. This in​ turn will increase your income,​ the​ incentives you earn from your company,​ and the​ number of​ recruits you have.

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