Beat The Heat 7 Tips To Help Your Lawn Survive A Drought

Beat The Heat 7 Tips To Help Your Lawn Survive A Drought

With temperatures rising and rain fall decreasing,​ summer time is​ putting a​ serious strain on​ your lawn. if​ you are not careful,​ your lawn could end up dead. No rain and water restrictions can really take a​ shot at​ your ability to​ take care of​ your lawn. However,​ there are some tried and true tips that are sure to​ beat the​ summer heat.

When your lawn is​ suffering from a​ drought,​ these tips will help you survive:

1. Raise the​ blades on​ your mower. Taller grass provides more protection from sun and grows deeper roots,​ which makes it​ more resilient.

2. Resist the​ temptation to​ bag your lawn and use a​ mulching mower instead. the​ clippings will provide a​ barrier that keeps moisture in​ your lawn longer.

3. Aerate your lawn twice a​ year (fall and spring) to​ keep out thatch and help the​ roots grow deeper.

4. Sharpen your lawnmower blade. Dull blades put your grass under lots of​ undue stress. Stressed grass needs more water.

5. Water early in​ the​ morning and when it​ is​ not windy to​ avoid unnecessary evaporation of​ your rationed water.

6. Use a​ drip type irrigation system like a​ soaker hose. it​ put water in​ the​ ground,​ where it​ is​ needed,​ more efficiently.

7. Do not fertilize in​ the​ summer. Experts will tell you that fertilized lawns are more sensitive to​ heat and require more water.

Green is​ definitely a​ color to​ envy in​ the​ heart of​ the​ summer. Do yourself a​ favor and follow these tips to​ keep a​ green lawn that makes your neighbors squirm with envy.

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