Back To Uniqueness The Rich Jerk Making Money On The Internet Is Easy E Book Review

Back To Uniqueness The Rich Jerk Making Money On The Internet Is Easy E
Book Review

During the​ past 6 years,​ the​ Rich Jerk made over $13 millions online,​ and he is​ well known for his website e-bay auction (sold at​ $379'000). You see the​ point : he is​ not a​ newbie,​ and his methods are really efficient. the​ goal of​ this book is​ to​ deliver his best cash generating methods.
The value proposition
The Rich Jerk claims :

* to​ reveal the​ unorthodox marketing methods that brought him million dollars each year
* That most of​ his techniques have never been seen
* That he is​ better than you because he's richer!

The Rich Jerk e-book description

* 40 pages
* 8 chapters covering the​ topic "Make Money on​ the​ internet"
* Filled with the​ Rich Jerk personal experiences,​ tips and tricks to​ cover the​ "is Easy" topic
* Written in​ a​ direct and clear style to​ go straight to​ the​ point
* For 97$
* 45 days money back guarantee (the Rich Jerk offers 200% refunds under conditions)

The perceived value
Overall opinion
An outstanding ressource that covers in​ a​ synthetic style the​ essence of​ Internet Marketing Methods,​ targeted to​ exploit the​ present opportunities of​ Internet in​ a​ profitable way
The Rich Jerk value proposition is​ definitely delivered,​ although the​ style and humour can be disturbing for some. Just follow the​ Rich Jerk link to​ read its astonishing sales copy
This is​ the​ first time I left an​ e-book with such a​ positive feeling and motivation to​ try some really new and effective marketing methods.
This was such a​ good suprise that I decided to​ start this page to​ review and finally promote the​ book
Specific comments ont the​ Rich Jerk e-book
Everyone reading those lines know that to​ develop an​ internet business you need :

* an​ idea,​ a​ targeted and profitable niche,​ a​ business model
* a​ performing and optimized website matching your goals and your business model
* Targeted traffic
* Relationship management

Most of​ the​ "how-to make money online" either cover highly specific topic (google adwords for example),​ either cover all the​ topic broadly.
Finally you end up these e-books (or audio tapes...)with a​ "So what???" in​ mind
The Rich Jerk method is​ about this "So what" as​ it​ tells the​ reader in​ a​ direct (autocratic) way what to​ do exactly to​ reach the​ sky.

The power and the​ value of​ this book comes from :

* the​ concrete description of​ the​ most relevant methods : how it​ should be used to​ get the​ most of​ it
o Creating and effective affiliate website that sells
o Unique search engines PPC strategies
o Search engine optimization strategies
o Creating and marketing informational product
o Buying & Selling wholesale goods
o Easy and profitable Websites to​ set up quickly
o Other online ventures to​ consider

* Useful tips and tricks for each of​ these methods and strategies...some are really worth 1000's $
* the​ overall organisation of​ the​ book which proves to​ what extent the​ Rich Jerk masters the​ subject and has just picked up the​ most relevant tools with the​ best examples and applications

The main drawbacks are :

* the​ apparent "Big Head" of​ the​ Rich Jerk
* the​ chapter concerning online ventures (small one indeed) a​ little bit off topic

Bottom line for the​ Rich Jerk "Making Money on​ the​ internet is​ Easy"

* This book is​ a​ must have if​ you're serious about making money on​ the​ internet. These 40 pages are full of​ valuable content and act as​ a​ true motivation to​ try a​ lot of​ things by yourself. You can be new to​ Internet Marketing,​ and you'll have a​ lot to​ test from this book. if​ you're an​ experienced marketer,​ you'll find a​ lot of​ tips to​ boost your income.
* of​ course you won't find the​ Million dollar secret,​ that could make you rich by tomorrow.
* if​ you're not ready to​ make some efforts to​ develop your business,​ then this book is​ not for you.
* if​ you plan to​ succeed,​ then this book will be your guide

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