Avoid These Strategies Keep Your Website Visitors Happy And Make Money

Avoid These Strategies Keep Your Website Visitors Happy And Make Money

It is​ no secret that the​ success of​ your Internet Marketing Business is​ to​ a​ great extent dependent on​ the​ traffic you get. For the​ Internet Marketer who wants to​ make money,​the website visitor is​ a​ very welcome person and his visit is​ most anxiously awaited. When this is​ the​ real scenario imagine webmasters adopting strategies and creating situations knowingly or​ unknowingly,​ forcing their website visitors to​ take a​ round about turn and flee from their websites. Why do this,​ and lose your visitors?

The disappointment and frustration the​ visitors experience sometimes is​ such that they vow never to​ return to​ these sites again and an​ opportunity to​ make money is​ lost for ever.

Given below are specific situations that visitors encounter when surfing the​ internet hoping to​ find some useful information.

1. Instruct your website visitors to​ register before entering your site without giving them any clue what your site is​ all about.

2. Have an​ Audio sound track on​ your home page and compel him to​ listen to​ your rhetoric without providing him any provision to​ turn it​ off.

3. Ensure that your website has graphics and multimedia and will take at​ least one minute to​ download. This will give your website visitor sufficient time to​ get frustrated,​ change his mind and go to​ another site.

4. Once your website visitor is​ in,​ confuse him without providing him with concise and clear labels to​ enable him to​ know his whereabouts and movements.
Also do not provide him opportunities to​ explore your site and go back to​ where he came from but entrap him in​ a​ mesh of​ web pages.

5. Keep changing frequently the​ location of​ features in​ your site making your regular Internet Marketing website visitors and customers confused and frustrated.

6. Do not update contents on​ your website. Have old or​ stale Internet Marketing contents without any indication of​ fresh content. Display today's date for old content giving a​ clear indication to​ the​ visitor that you are
not only inactive but also dishonest.

7. Have plenty of​ Typos and grammar mistakes. Make it​ difficult to​ read both text wise and color wise,​ indicating to​ your website visitors that you are a​ person without substance,​ rather than looking professional.

8. Plaster your web page with Internet Marketing banners,​ advertisements and pop ups thus irritating your website visitors.

9. Do not check your website for broken links. Have plenty of​ broken links and error messages thus annoying your visitors.

10. Finally as​ your website visitors are about to​ leave you site,​ serve an​ exit Ad. and ensure that they simply can't leave that Ad. or​ exit from your website.

When a​ website visitor is​ confronted with this type of​ situation it​ is​ nothing but natural to​ expect him to​ be disappointed,​ disillusioned and frustrated.
There are millions of​ websites in​ the​ internet. There is​ no reason why the​ visitor should hang around in​ a​ website that is​ not user friendly and helpful. He knows exactly what he should do in​ such a​ situation,​-yes,​ quit the​ site.

To counter these problems and make money from your website visitors,​ correct your errors,​ update your website regularly and dump these strategies that satisfy your whims and fancies. Instead provide your Internet Marketing visitors a​ website that is​ simple,​ attractive and user friendly where he feels very much at​ home.

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