Avoid Discrimination Lawsuits

Avoid Discrimination Lawsuits
One of​ the​ advantages of​ outsourcing to​ a​ Professional Employment Organization PEO or​ Administrative Service Organization ASO such as​ AmCheck,​ is​ the​ fact that your PEO/ASO’s Human Resource Department can help you decipher some of​ the​ legal technicalities that exist as​ a​ result of​ Federal Legislation regarding discrimination .​
This is​ part of​ the​ reason many PEOs may be involved in​ the​ process of​ hiring and firing at​ the​ worksite--it is​ one of​ many methods we​ use to​ protect you from risk of​ discrimination lawsuits.
Legal changes in​ recent years have made it​ more and more difficult to​ avoid legal tangles with prospective,​ existing,​ and former employees .​
Consider,​ for example the​ caution you must exercise with regard to​ employee relations as​ a​ result of​ sexual harassment litigation .​
What about the​ way you treat your older employees as​ a​ result of​ the​ Age Discrimination in​ Employment Act (ADEA) to​ avoid age discrimination lawsuit,​ or​ the​ way you accommodate disabled employees because of​ the​ Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)?
In addition to​ these federal laws,​ there may be local or​ state laws with which an​ employer must comply .​
Each of​ these laws must also be taken into consideration when promoting,​ demoting,​ or​ transferring employees to​ other departments.
Always consult with our HR Department before taking employment action .​
the​ HR Fact Finder recommends that you protect your company from costly legal battles by avoiding impulsive hiring,​ termination,​ transfers,​ promotions,​ etc .​
a​ company whose decisions in​ these areas are carefully considered should be able to​ avoid most legal tangles involved in​ discrimination lawsuits.
A Case In Point:
A recent Corporate Downsizing in​ a​ large firm resulted in​ the​ decision to​ transfer 5 women (including one female manager with over 12 years of​ tenure) to​ another department and offer them reduced compensation .​
the​ female manager was to​ be replaced by a​ male with less experience .​
All five of​ the​ women hired attorneys,​ because in​ spite of​ the​ fact that this was probably a​ well-intentioned attempt to​ make the​ department more efficient,​ the​ move looked like it​ may have been prompted by an​ act of​ discrimination .​
This article brought to​ you by AmCheck .​
Visit us at​ www.amcheck.com.Source: HR Fact Finder This article excerpted from an​ article formerly entitled,​ Human Resources: Some Cautions about Hiring and Firing

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