Ask And It Is Given Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work

By now the​ movie “The Secret” has been out for over a​ year. It's even been discussed on​ Oprah. Many people are ready to​ change their lives by using the​ Law of​ Attraction. OK,​ so now what? How come we​ can think of​ all the​ stuff we​ want and it​ doesn't show up? Where's my Genie!?!?

I believe the​ root cause of​ the​ appearance of​ failure is​ the​ difference between “Wishful thinking” and “Knowing”.

Have you ever wished you had a​ new car yet knew it​ would not appear? Sure...when there's only $56.33 in​ your bank account and the​ car you want costs over 40K,​ duh! You KNOW it​ won't materialize. That,​ my good friend,​ is​ wishful thinking.

Starting with a​ couple obvious examples,​ you KNOW the​ sky is​ blue and you KNOW that night will come at​ the​ end of​ the​ day. How about some other instances of​ knowing: have you ever known you were going to​ have a​ good time at​ a​ particular party,​ or​ that you were going to​ get what you wanted for Christmas,​ or​ that you were going to​ bump into a​ good friend you hadn't seen for awhile? You were using the​ Law of​ Attraction! You combined certainty with a​ good feeling. There must be both,​ just one won't bring your vision to​ life. it​ again,​ deliberately and repeatedly. Consciously focus on​ your desired outcome and work up some really good feelings about it. Those heartfelt feelings give the​ Universe guidance about what you want. On the​ negative side,​ when you feel really bad about something,​ those feelings are intense enough to​ guide the​ Universe to​ give you more of​ whatever you feel about.

I have finally started having some success with the​ Law of​ Attraction. I guided my feelings by telling myself I am “falling in​ love” with my desires. the​ concept of​ “falling in​ love” allows you to​ feel deeply,​ those feelings that send a​ warm sensation through you like a​ sip of​ a​ fine liqueur will. it​ also keeps that desire in​ the​ top of​ your mind so you focus on​ it​ a​ lot and with great feeling.

Remember,​ combine the​ two aspects of​ Knowing and Feeling Good. as​ Donald Trump is​ quoted as​ saying: “As long as​ you're going to​ be thinking anyway,​ think big”. a​ variation could be: “As long as​ you're going to​ be thinking anyway,​ think about everything you really want!”

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