Article Marketing And Website Traffic

Article Marketing And Website Traffic

Article marketing is​ an​ ideal way to​ improve your website traffic without expending too much energy. All you​ need do is​ to​ write a​ few decent articles,​ and your traffic will increase significantly.

The writing must be relevant to​ the​ topic or​ niche of​ your website,​ or​ at​ least the​ page that you​ intend to​ direct traffic towards. That is​ one tremendous advantage that article marketing has over most other traffic building programs: you​ can direct the​ traffic to​ whatever page on​ your site you​ wish.

This is​ done by means of​ your author’s resource box,​ that is​ an​ area set aside by most article directories for a​ few words about yourself and a​ link or​ two back to​ your website. That link need not be only to​ your home page,​ but can be to​ any page on​ your site that you​ choose. the​ page you​ choose,​ however,​ must be relevant to​ the​ article you​ have written. you​ don’t send a​ reader to​ a​ page on​ octopi if​ you​ have just written an​ article about giant squid or​ turtles.

One mistake that many authors make is​ to​ fail to​ understand what is​ allowed in​ the​ resource box,​ sometimes called a​ bio. Some allow HTML and others don’t. Some allow links and others don’t. if​ you​ are not allowed a​ link to​ your site then there is​ little point in​ providing a​ directory with a​ free article. Don’t use these sites,​ and there are several of​ those that I have come across. Some directories do not provide a​ resource box,​ but allow you​ to​ add a​ few words with your url at​ the​ end of​ the​ article.

It doesn’t matter,​ as​ long as​ you​ are allowed to​ provide a​ link back to​ your website. you​ then get a​ one way link to​ your site,​ but even better in​ many cases,​ you​ also get traffic from people that like your writing and click on​ your link to​ visit your website for more information. Depending on​ the​ topic of​ your article,​ and how you​ submit it,​ that can be a​ massive short-term jump,​ or​ a​ steady stream over a​ longer period. the​ ideal is​ a​ combination of​ each,​ but that depends on​ your submission strategy and how many versions of​ your article you​ submit.

The versions matter,​ because if​ you​ can produce a​ few versions and submit different versions to​ different groups of​ directories,​ then you​ will get better results. That is​ because after a​ while,​ the​ search engines will begin to​ detect that a​ number of​ article directories,​ and other websites,​ have the​ same content (your article). They will then begin to​ drop some of​ these from their listings as​ being less relevant,​ and this will continue theoretically until there is​ only one directory or​ site with your article on​ it.

So make the​ best of​ it​ and submit it​ to​ as​ many article directories as​ possible for a​ quick burst of​ traffic,​ then write others to​ keep it​ going. Rather than write four versions of​ your article for four sets of​ different search engines,​ you​ are better writing four articles,​ each to​ be sent to​ all the​ search engines. That works better because I have tested it.

Article marketing can be used to​ increase your website traffic,​ but you​ can maximise that increase if​ you​ use the​ directories and your articles intelligently.

Article Marketing And Website Traffic

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