Are You Looking For A Luxury Car Consider The Cadillac Cts

Are You Looking For A Luxury Car Consider The Cadillac Cts

Sometimes it​ seems that a​ car is​ far more than just a​ car. Talk to​ someone with a​ Land Rover and they're sure to​ tell you that their vehicle is​ much more than just a​ Jeep,​ while Jeep drivers will tell you that their vehicles are a​ way of​ life.

Turn on​ the​ TV and you're likely to​ hear that when you're looking for a​ long-lasting vehicle,​ you should turn to​ a​ Honda,​ and if​ you're looking for quality,​ you should consider buying a​ Toyota.

Similarly,​ many will tell you that if​ you are looking for a​ luxury ride,​ if​ you're looking for vehicle that's high on​ both class and style there's only one option: you'll have to​ get yourself a​ Cadillac.

There are going to​ be some who see the​ name Cadillac and initially dismiss it​ as​ a​ brand that their parents or​ grandparents might drive. But those who understand a​ need for speed,​ luxury styling and a​ manual transmission will tell you that the​ Cadillac CTS has everything the​ savvy shopper and driver may want to​ find in​ a​ vehicle.

First,​ there's the​ Cadillac CTS engine - a​ 2.8-liter dual overhead engine with an​ output well over 200-horsepower - that will get you started in​ a​ hurry as​ soon as​ the​ light turns green or​ when the​ freeway traffic eases up.

Then there's the​ interior. Proving once again that the​ Cadillac CTS is​ far from a​ traditional Caddy with a​ more youthful feel,​ the​ CTS has comfortable leather seats,​ an​ easy to​ navigate dash and an​ absence of​ the​ wood trim that many younger drivers feel is​ out-of-place in​ an​ automobile.

Instead,​ the​ Cadillac CTS focuses on​ all of​ the​ features that younger drivers are looking for - quality,​ luxury,​ responsive power,​ and best of​ all,​ speed. Drivers and passengers of​ the​ Cadillac CTS will find that there's plenty of​ space in​ the​ front and rear seats. They'll find that climate control is​ a​ breeze in​ the​ CTS - with all of​ the​ controls easy to​ access and use.

Most importantly,​ they'll find that they have easy control over a​ high-quality stereo system - a​ system that is​ iPod friendly,​ making it​ easy to​ keep the​ stereo playing your favorite tracks whether you are driving across town or​ across the​ country on​ a​ road trip with friends.

Equally handy for those who are taking long road trips is​ the​ navigation system that is​ optional on​ the​ Cadillac CTS. With GM’s OnStar system,​ you'll find street maps,​ hear turn-by-turn directions along with distances,​ and be able to​ plan the​ best route for getting to​ where you want to​ be.

With the​ Cadillac CTS,​ you'll find all of​ the​ luxurious styling that is​ synonymous with the​ Cadillac brand. You'll find a​ smooth driving and riding experience,​ and you will find that Cadillac makes it​ easy for you to​ be able to​ customize your car so that it​ has everything that you really want and need.

Are you looking for more power than the​ standard CTS will offer? Then,​ upgrade to​ the​ Cadillac CTS-V with its 400-horsepower V8 engine that will deliver 0-to-60 mph performance in​ 4.6 seconds.

What most folks simply do not realize is​ that the​ Cadillac brand generally produces some of​ the​ fastest American-made cars in​ the​ marketplace. According to​ an​ article written by Isaak Carter in​ 2007 titled,​ "Surprises in​ the​ American Performance Car Market",​ Cadillac had three of​ the​ fastest American-built automobiles in​ the​ 2006 model line-up. in​ fact,​ the​ four-door Cadillac CTS-V finished in​ ninth place in​ the​ Forbes countdown,​ with a​ top-speed of​ 163 mph. One reviewer even described the​ Cadillac CTS-V as​ a​ "luxury sedan with the​ performance of​ a​ Corvette."

If you want to​ be sure that your car’s temperature is​ comfortable even on​ the​ coldest days,​ then upgrade to​ the​ heated seats - and if​ you are really serious about a​ vehicle that caters to​ your every whim,​ you can also opt for the​ heated steering wheel that is​ offered with the​ Cadillac CTS models. Want a​ sound system that your friends will be envious of​ you for having? Then,​ upgrade your speakers and consider having a​ satellite radio system installed.

Envy is​ a​ beautiful thing,​ when you see it​ on​ the​ faces of​ the​ people in​ your life. Take the​ Cadillac CTS for a​ test drive and see for yourself why it​ is​ one of​ the​ top-rated vehicles in​ the​ luxury automobile marketplace.

Are You Looking For A Luxury Car Consider The Cadillac Cts

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