A Website Without Online Marketing A Fruitless Tree

Nowadays,​ many people save money to​ quit their day jobs in​ hopes of​ achieving their own customized version of​ the​ American Dream by starting what is​ commonly known as​ an​ e-commerce business or​ a​ "dot com" venture. They then proceed to​ spend the​ savings of​ their labor on​ great looking,​ functional and hopefully practical websites. However,​ a​ large percentage of​ such venturesome warriors that take the​ initiative to​ quit a​ steady job and embark on​ the​ bumpy road of​ e-"self employment" do not end up reaping the​ fruits of​ their courage.
The initial phases of​ website development both financially and emotionally drain the​ average venturous individual to​ a​ point that at​ the​ end of​ the​ process they are impatiently waiting for miraculous profit to​ be pouring their way. in​ reality,​ this seldom happens since there are thousands of​ such individuals both from the​ past and the​ present on​ the​ very same path striving to​ prosper. in​ order for a​ website to​ be profitable,​ it​ would have to​ contend in​ the​ race for traffic against hundreds of​ thousands,​ or​ even millions of​ competitors.
It is​ possible to​ attract visitors to​ your website via countless means however the​ best and the​ most efficient are what have been rounded up under the​ roof of​ Online Marketing. Online or​ Internet Marketing addresses the​ concerns of​ all those website owners that are astounded at​ the​ low returns on​ their investments. it​ helps strategize a​ plan to​ increase the​ popularity and traffic of​ the​ website and tackle the​ issues of​ low profits. the​ most important aspects of​ Internet Marketing are as​ follows:
  • Spreading the​ Word: Since other online venues require a​ relatively longer initial period of​ time to​ yield results,​ it​ is​ quick and efficient to​ spread the​ word about your website via submitting articles and news releases to​ be published. an​ informative and useful article will intrigue other website owners to​ syndicate the​ article hence exposing your website to​ the​ visitors of​ their own websites. on​ the​ other hand a​ carefully prepared news release if​ published at​ the​ right time will drive major media publishers to​ run stories on​ your website which in​ turn will expose your website to​ a​ very wide base of​ potential visitors and in​ turn converted customers.

  • Networking: Propagating the​ word about your website is​ a​ great way to​ jumpstart your internet marketing campaign,​ however you​ need stability from within to​ be able to​ sustain your website's popularity. By partnering or​ simply having a​ relationship with websites in​ and out of​ your industry you​ will be able to​ increase your website link base and provide a​ one-stop solution for your visitors. you​ can achieve this by being an​ active participant in​ online forums,​ chat sessions and even seminars not to​ mention offline venues such as​ business mixers and conferences.

  • Search Engines: Once you​ have created an​ initial surge of​ visitors via press releases and worked on​ networking to​ maintain your traffic,​ your website will be seasoned and ready to​ benefit from a​ very precious medium that lets targeted visitors come to​ you​ rather than you​ going after them. Search engines are inundated with searchers looking for products and services in​ virtually every single industry and category imaginable. By using keyword popularity tools you​ can find out approximately how many people search for keywords relevant to​ your website on​ a​ daily basis. Once you​ find the​ keywords that would bring valuable visitors to​ your website,​ then you​ can target them by optimizing your website. This process is​ referred to​ as​ Search Engine Optimization which will be discussed in​ much more detail in​ future articles.

  • Refining the​ User Interface: Refining the​ User Interface is​ certainly one of​ the​ most ignored yet extremely important aspects of​ owning and operating a​ website. you​ can be getting hundreds of​ unique visitors on​ a​ daily basis to​ your website yet making less profit than a​ direct competitor of​ yours with half the​ traffic. the​ secret lies in​ your user interface consisting of​ elements such as​ forms,​ navigation,​ contents,​ links,​ buttons,​ customization,​ localization and more. By using these elements in​ the​ correct places and at​ the​ correct time and constantly monitoring your visitor retention and conversation rates,​ you​ can not only increase your conversation ratio and therefore your profit but also maintain a​ larger visitor base potentially creating word of​ mouth and return business.

The above are the​ main areas in​ which you​ have to​ be active in​ order for your online marketing campaign to​ be successful. However it​ is​ sometimes not possible to​ achieve the​ best results in​ all areas without rigorous research and extensive training. This is​ where internet marketing firms come to​ your help in​ devising and implementing a​ successful campaign. Internet Marketing is​ virtually the​ only way to​ turn your investment of​ time,​ patience and money into measurable profit that could get you​ closer to​ achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. This is​ why I invite you​ to​ read my future articles where I will be providing more detailed information on​ each of​ the​ above categories as​ well as​ information on​ how to​ find do-it-yourself information and shop for internet marketing services.

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