7 Steps To Take The Stress Out Of Homework

7 Steps To Take The Stress Out Of Homework

Homework is​ at​ best a​ chore for most children and,​ unless they are very committed,​ They find homework difficult,​ often because they are not motivated. Consider the​ following questions.

When your child does homework to​ what degree is​ he or​ she comfortable,​ focused and relaxed or​ is​ doing homework a​ battle and a​ struggle every night?

If so:

Do you​ have to​ give homework help regularly?

Have you​ spoken to​ his or​ her teachers?

Have you​ tried gentle pep talks?

Do you​ resort to​ harsh reprimands?

Rarely will any or​ these work in​ isolation and pep talks and reprimands are the​ last things you​ should use as​ they will simply build up resistence to​ school and homework.
The struggle with homework can,​ however,​ be eased by "re-programming" your childs attitude and approach to​ homework.

Here is​ a​ seven step approach to​ curing the​ homework struggle:

Step 1. Stop discussing doing homework with your child.

Instead discuss how he or​ she is​ approaching homework. as​ part of​ this solution guide your child to​ step back and really explore the​ way they are approaching their studies.

Step 2. Find out what pressure you​ child is​ under with regard to​ homework. Ask him or​ her:

Are you​ worried what your friends will think if​ you​ do or​ don't do your homework?

Do you​ find the​ homework difficult and believe that you​ are not clever enough?

Do you​ enjoy struggling with your homework,​ or​ do you​ want to​ end this struggle?

Step 3. Discuss their answers openly.

Never dismiss their opinions or​ feelings - even if​ you​ strongly disagree with them. These feeling are theirs and are valid whatever you​ think. Dismissing them only reinforces them.

Step 4. Acknowledge that homework is​ not easy.

Show your child that resisting it​ makes it​ a​ bigger problem and creates an​ obstacle to​ enjoying the​ rest of​ their free time.

When you​ change their negative attitude they will work more positively and creatively and with less pressure. Positively approaching homework gets it​ out of​ the​ way quicker and removes the​ stress.

Step 5. Make yourself available as​ a​ tutor:

Offer assistance on​ how to​ approach problems but don't give the​ answers. if​ you​ don't know something say so and work with them so you​ learn. Praise them for the​ level of​ work they are achieving.

Don't be afraid to​ make yourself look foolish - it​ provides motivation for them to​ see the​ work is​ difficult,​ and when thay have completed it​ they get a​ greater sense of​ achievement.

Step 6. "Reprogramming" should be done while your child is​ doing homework,​ but not when there is​ any time pressure.

They should be able to​ stop and start the​ studying many times to​ discuss any problems. Initially try it​ at​ the​ weekend but not when they are rushing to​ go out.

Don't introduce it​ as​ a​ special time. Your child should just regard it​ as​ a​ normal homework session. you​ should,​ talk to​ them and focus on​ their resistance to​ homework. it​ may not work immediately. it​ is​ a​ process and eventually they will drop or​ reduce their resistance and find a​ more positive attitude towards their homework.

Step 7. Be aware that "getting work done" is​ not the​ main focus of​ your time using this approach.

There will be many purposeful stops and starts,​ as​ you​ both explore the​ best way to​ approach homework.Let your child express his or​ her feelings. Discuss and expose all their limiting beliefs and feelings and encourage them to​ find their own solution.

Children and homework is​ a​ difficult mix at​ the​ best of​ times but tackling the​ real cause of​ their resistance will lead the​ a​ more positive approach and better grades.

7 Steps To Take The Stress Out Of Homework

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