6 Ways To Help Your Employees Beat Stress And Work More

6 Ways to​ help your employees beat stress and work more
If you​ would like your business to​ employ highly motivated and high-energy level employees then investing in​ the​ workplace atmosphere and facilities will help and will reduce work-place stress significantly .​
Research confirms that if​ your employees are stressed then that will cost you​ even more money in​ missed workdays and increased on-the-job injuries over both the​ short term and the​ long term .​

In addition to​ the​ negative repercussions of​ having stressed out employees,​ your business may be experiencing lower productivity and poor quality of​ output .​
It is​ both clear and obvious that some very cost effective strategies could minimize stress on​ the​ job and provide your employees with opportunities to​ reduce other stress related problems .​

Below is​ a​ list of​ 6 ways in​ which you​ can help your company reduce stress for your employees while increasing the​ output of​ your business:
1 .​
Provide an​ attractive and comfortable work environment whenever possible to​ reduce stress .​
Pleasant surroundings can do more for a​ person’s attitude then we often realize .​
Create a​ less formal atmosphere by adding plants or​ improved decoration,​ even if​ that is​ just in​ a​ rest room it​ will help.
2 .​
Supply a​ quiet room for your employees to​ take their breaks in​ .​
Not the​ canteen or​ games room,​ this room should be separate from the​ normal hustle and bustle of​ the​ work-place .​
It will give your employees an​ opportunity of​ a​ quick 10 minute break from work and anywork related stress that they may be experiencing.
3 .​
Instead of​ giving orders 100% of​ the​ time try to​ create opportunities for employees to​ make decisions that will directly affect their job performance .​
This gives them a​ sense of​ personal power and less stress because they feel they have some control.
4 .​
Thank your employees for work accomplished and recognize them for exemplary performance .​
a​ quick thank you​ will go a​ long way in​ reducing complaints and stress .​
Be genuine and only thank when workers have worked well otherwise you​ will be rewarding sub-standard activities.
5 .​
Always choose ergonomically sound equipment,​ tools,​ and furniture .​
These will make work easier for your staff,​ reduce workplace injuries and therefore limit any compensation claims .​
In addition workplace stress will be reduced and staff,​ equipped with the​ correct tools,​ will be more productive.
6 .​
Go out of​ your way to​ create opportunities for the​ employees to​ meet,​ socialize and build relationships away from work .​
Set up a​ bowling team from work where you​ gather and play once a​ week or​ maybe a​ softball team,​ or​ even a​ book club,​ for employees only.
When staff realize you​ have their interests in​ mind and are doing all you​ can to​ improve working conditions they will respond and you​ will see an​ improved atmosphere and productivity.

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