5 Stress Reduction Tips To Help You Avoid Holiday Burnout

The festive season is​ fast approaching and for many people,​ stress depression and anxiety can make this season anything but merry. Here’s 5 stress reduction tips to​ help you​ avoid burnout during the​ holidays:

• Lower your expectations. the​ holidays are so exciting! Being with loved ones,​ Christmas decorations,​ lights,​ presents and much feasting! as​ the​ holiday approaches,​ expectations increase as​ to​ how the​ holiday will be only for them to​ be dashed when the​ holidays arrive. So,​ try not to​ place high expectations on​ how events will unfold. Always expect the​ unexpected and remember that humans can react unpredictably and surprisingly. Also,​ life can throw us the​ odd curve ball,​ especially when we least want it,​ so just have a​ “what will be will be” attitude and hopefully,​ the​ holidays will be perfect. Avoiding high expectations means you​ won’t become stressed out or​ upset should things not turn out the​ way you​ wanted.

• Plan ahead. Make a​ detailed plan for all of​ the​ things you​ need to​ do. Be thorough and try to​ do as​ much in​ advance as​ possible. the​ more you​ can get done before the​ holidays the​ less stressful the​ season will be. Include shopping,​ decorations,​ wrapping,​ meal preparation,​ sending cards,​ visiting family,​ and a​ schedule for the​ big day. This will help you​ get organized so you’ll get more done and you’ll feel less stressed. Make checklists so you​ can mark progress as​ you​ go. Another great tip is​ to​ have a​ backup plan in​ case things go awry.

• Delegate. There’s a​ lot of​ work that needs to​ be done to​ ensure happy holidays. the​ Christmas dinner alone really can be hard work for the​ cook! Too much work leads to​ stress burnout so make sure the​ whole family share the​ workload. Delegate by sharing chores amongst the​ whole family and get children involved too. It’s true – many hands make light work – and they also reduce stress in​ doing so.

• as​ much as​ the​ holidays are about spending time with family,​ having the​ family over can be highly stressful. Not all families get along,​ and stress levels can soar at​ get-togethers. if​ you​ have family members who are unappreciative,​ argumentative,​ aggressive,​ sulky – the​ kind of​ people who will spoil the​ day,​ then say “no!” and don’t invite them. the​ holidays are about joy and happiness,​ so inviting people who will ruin everyone’s day isn’t on. But a​ sense of​ duty can lead to​ inviting someone around against your better judgement. Your only duty is​ to​ your immediate family – your spouse and your children – not to​ any other family members. if​ your family get along,​ fine,​ but if​ you​ know there’s going to​ be fireworks,​ then make everyone’s day by not having stress as​ an​ unwanted holiday guest.

• Set your budget and stick to​ it. It’s really tempting to​ spend money during the​ holidays and many people will rack up huge debts doing so. the​ debt then becomes a​ major stress factor after the​ holidays have ended. you​ don’t need to​ buy people expensive gifts and you​ don’t need to​ go into debt to​ impress people. the​ Internet is​ a​ fantastic source for finding creative and imaginative gifts that will give the​ receiver a​ highly valued special surprise because it​ shows thoughtfulness. Debt is​ to​ stress what pizzas are to​ waistlines and you​ can pay a​ heavy price for impressing people with gifts. Stick to​ your budget and you​ will reduce stress,​ not just over the​ holidays but for many months after.

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