5 Quick Stress Busters

5 Quick Stress Busters

Stress is​ fast becoming the​ biggest health problem in​ modern societies. Financial pressures,​ work pressures,​ family pressures – so much to​ do so little time to​ do it​ all! Here’s five quick ways to​ ease the​ pressure and relieve stress:

1. Make time to​ switch off from the​ daily trials and tribulations and relax for at​ least one hour every day. Just shut the​ world out and do something you​ enjoy. Reading,​ playing a​ musical instrument,​ taking a​ relaxing bath with music and candles (and maybe a​ glass of​ wine) are all great ways to​ unwind and will be extremely beneficial to​ your mental health.

2. if​ you’re dealing with a​ stressful situation and you​ have a​ lot on​ your plate then it​ can be very hard to​ find solutions. You’re caught up in​ the​ midst of​ a​ sandstorm and it​ is​ very difficult to​ see the​ way out. a​ good idea is​ to​ get some distance from your problems so you​ can gather your thoughts. if​ possible,​ take a​ day or​ even a​ weekend away from your usual surroundings,​ somewhere peaceful,​ and relax. Take a​ journal along so you​ can jot down any ideas. Distance away from problems can bring clarity and by relaxing,​ you’ll be calmer and solutions will come far easier than when you’re in​ the​ heat of​ battle.

3. One of​ the​ reasons people become stressed is​ because they are facing a​ change or​ even a​ number of​ changes to​ their lives. Change is​ a​ constant in​ life and refusing to​ accept change can cause stress levels to​ soar. When you​ are faced with a​ change,​ try to​ find the​ positives associated with change and embrace change instead of​ resisting it. Every change presents an​ opportunity for you​ to​ grow and there are always positives to​ find in​ even the​ most trying of​ circumstances. Change doesn’t bring stress,​ it’s all about how you​ react to​ change and if​ you​ react in​ a​ negative way,​ you​ will do yourself no end of​ harm.

4. There always seems to​ be an​ endless list of​ jobs that need doing: repairs around the​ home,​ paperwork,​ car maintenance,​ throwing out junk,​ cleaning the​ patio,​ weeding the​ garden – on​ and on​ and on! the​ more we put them off,​ the​ more the​ list grows and the​ more they contribute to​ your stress levels. So make a​ list of​ all of​ these chores and then schedule something I call a​ “Blitz Day”. on​ this day,​ you​ will rise early and spend the​ whole day sorting out each of​ these jobs. Take few breaks and only have a​ quick bite at​ lunchtime and just blitz through these irritating but necessary tasks. This will get rid of​ them,​ you’ll lower the​ stress they cause but more importantly,​ you’ll realize just how effective and industrious you​ can be when you​ apply the​ full force of​ your will to​ accomplish things.

5. Treat yourself to​ a​ pamper day. This is​ a​ day where you​ escape from the​ hustle and bustle of​ everyday living and enjoy some stress-free time. You’ll also feel great and give your well being a​ huge boost. on​ this day,​ have a​ light workout,​ a​ swim,​ a​ sauna,​ a​ Jacuzzi,​ a​ steam room. a​ massage would be nice and if​ you​ have access to​ one,​ a​ Turkish baths will give you​ an​ invigorating experience. Try to​ do this at​ least once a​ month,​ it​ is​ an​ excellent stress-buster.

The 5 Tips here will help you​ to​ significantly reduce your stress levels but they’ll only work for you​ if​ you​ put them into action. Give them a​ go – you’ll be amazed at​ the​ results!

5 Quick Stress Busters

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