3 Powerful Tips To Help Manage Everyday Stress

3 Powerful Tips To Help Manage Everyday Stress

Often times stress will manifest when we carry over yesterday’s concerns into our present day concerns. an​ accumulation will almost always end up in​ a​ high stress level. Therefore,​ we must be able to​ “dump” all of​ our concerns from the​ previous day or​ days and concentrate wholly on​ our today.

So here are 3 stress busting tips

- Stress Busting Tip #1

Resolve right now to​ release every thought from yesterday and be only mindful of​ the​ now…. this thought only...this breath...this moment. Take in​ three very deep breaths and slowly release each one.

At the​ same time feel each and every concern,​ each and every problem,​ and each and every unresolved moment,​ begin to​ dissolve. you​ can deal with them at​ a​ later time. For now,​ you​ are only to​ be in​ this very moment.

Now go to​ your inner quiet place. Go deep inside to​ a​ place where you​ feel that you​ are at​ peace and then just relax and breathe in​ deeply and enjoy the​ feeling of​ being at​ one and at​ peace within yourself.

Use this special time and place to​ be calm. Free your mind and body of​ all worry,​ all regret,​ all disappointment,​ all anger and grief.

- Stress Busting Tip #2

Next,​ think of​ one particular act,​ such as​ rocking your baby,​ taking a​ quick stroll,​ raking the​ leaves,​ and do that one simple thing. All the​ while,​ your mind is​ quiet and calm and you​ are in​ your own special place within.

Practice this act of​ quiet and calm each day and you​ will see that you​ will accomplish so much more. at​ the​ first sign of​ being stressed,​ go back to​ this mindful,​ quiet place and start all over again until you​ have reached your inner place of​ calm.

- Stress Busting Tip #3

The very best thing that you​ can do for yourself is​ to​ eat,​ drink and rest – to​ your health!

Stress is​ easily brought on​ by not eating and drinking properly. When you​ don’t get the​ number of​ hours of​ sleep that you​ need each night,​ you​ are only setting yourself up for additional stress.

Limit the​ amount of​ salt,​ sugar,​ caffeine and alcohol in​ your diet. Drink plenty of​ clean,​ pure water each day and do at​ least moderate exercise each day. This will breathe new life into your skin,​ hair and will nourish all of​ your vital organs.

Take time to​ breathe properly! Take deep belly breathes to​ send pure oxygen to​ all of​ your body. Laugh and then laugh some more. it​ is​ food for the​ soul! Spend time doing the​ things that please you​ most. Engage in​ healthy and fulfilling relationships and work on​ problems that would erode the​ closeness that you​ have with someone special.

When we are content and living a​ balanced life everyday stresses seem to​ pale in​ comparison. We are better equipped to​ deal with the​ unexpected.

You can take control today! Isolate only one particular stressor in​ your life and then work on​ it​ until you​ regain control. at​ the​ very least,​ have some new hope!

3 Powerful Tips To Help Manage Everyday Stress

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