3 Key Challenges To Reduce Homework Time And Stress What Parents Can Do

3 Key Challenges To Reduce Homework Time And Stress What Parents Can Do

Parents have asked us why homework takes their child 2,​ 3 and even 4 times longer than their peers and what they can do about it. This article defines the​ 3 key issues and what parents can do about it. Student’s key issues often include:

1- Attention is​ a​ major problem,​ both in​ class and while doing homework
2- They often have one or​ more vision issues – too often these student’s eyes are either: not working together; skipping words or​ lines when reading; or​ they have difficulty copying off the​ board
3- They become tense when doing homework and often lose it

When a​ student has trouble paying attention in​ class,​ they often must be re-taught the​ information at​ home. What makes matters worse is​ that the​ students homework time which should have taken 45 minutes gets stretched to​ 1 and ½ hours due to​ re-teaching,​ and then to​ over 2 hours because they cannot stay focused.

Vision issues impact their homework in​ several ways:
1- They have trouble copying the​ notes off the​ board correctly and you​ spend time trying to​ understand the​ assignment
2- They skip words or​ lines when reading,​ further complicating life
3- When they do math problems they do not often align their work correctly,​ they miss minus and division signs so they make careless errors

Students often get tense when doing homework and battles often follow. What often happens is:
- Students are too intimidated to​ ask questions in​ class and they simply get stuck
- the​ student or​ parent gets angry and then …
- an​ argument starts which often escalates into a​ battle royale

What we recommend is​ that parents:
- Stay clam when doing homework with your child
- if​ your child gets stressed,​ give them a​ 1 or​ 3 minute break
- Hydrate them before doing homework and while doing homework
- When reading,​ use an​ index card or​ their finger to​ keep them on​ the​ right line
- if​ the​ attention is​ a​ significant issue,​ consider getting an​ ADHD diagnosis – if​ they have a​ learning disability or​ attention issues significantly impact their academic performance,​ the​ student could qualify for an​ Individualized Education Plan and they could get accommodations for homework which might include:

o Getting copies of​ notes – either provided by the​ teacher or​ by another student
o Seating by the​ teacher to​ improve attention
o Having the​ teacher check to​ make sure the​ student has written the​ assignment correctly
o Having you​ sign that they completed the​ assignment and putting it​ in​ a​ place they can find it
o an​ early warning system,​ where the​ teacher alerts you​ to​ issues early on
- if​ vision is​ a​ major issue see an​ optometrist – even if​ your child has 20/20 vision

At 3D Learner we have helped thousands of​ parents and students to​ reduce homework time and stress.

3 Key Challenges To Reduce Homework Time And Stress What Parents Can Do

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