14 Tips For A Stress Free Flight

14 Tips For A Stress Free Flight

Traveling can be a​ stressful event and airplane travel is​ tops on​ the​ list of​ the​ stressors that we experience on​ what is​ supposed to​ be an​ exciting and fun event. a​ few simple steps can remove most of​ the​ stress of​ air travel.

Things to​ do before travel day:

1) Pack your bags. Make sure all your packing is​ done at​ least the​ night before and that you​ have all your bags in​ one central location for easy and complete loading into your car or​ taxi.
2) Have all your travel paperwork organized and in​ one central location.
3) Make a​ checklist of​ all the​ things you​ want to​ check to​ secure your home before you​ leave and walk through your home checking off each item. Do this at​ least an​ hour before you​ leave your house. Do this and you​ will never worry if​ you​ left your stove on​ or​ any of​ the​ other little nagging worries you​ might have while on​ your travel.
4) Be sure your pets are taken care of. Make any kennel reservations well in​ advance of​ your trip to​ be sure you​ have a​ reserved spot at​ a​ kennel you​ trust.
5) Call the​ AIRPORT and airline the​ day before to​ see how early the​ recommend you​ should arrive for a​ smooth,​ stress free check in. if​ they tell you​ to​ arrive three hours early and you​ arrive just 30 minutes early,​ you​ will probably feel great stresses about missing your flight. Also ask if​ there are any parking restrictions you​ should be aware of. Ever since 9/11,​ when we have a​ heightened threat level there may be car searches before you​ can park.
6) If you​ are just taking carry on​ luggage,​ many airlines let you​ pre check in​ right on​ the​ internet 24 hours before your flight. That means that you​ can get and print out boarding passes right from your home. And when you​ get to​ the​ airport,​ you​ can go right to​ the​ gate and your boarding area without getting into the​ long check in​ line. if​ you​ have to​ check baggage,​ you​ will not have this option available to​ you. But if​ not,​ it​ is​ a​ great time and stress saver.

Travel day:

7) Leave home in​ plenty of​ time to​ anticipate busy traffic or​ accident situations. if​ it​ is​ an​ hour trip to​ get to​ the​ airport,​ you​ may want to​ leave an​ extra half hour early just in​ case there are road problems.
8) if​ you​ are checking in​ bags,​ be prepared to​ wait in​ line. if​ it​ is​ a​ busy time of​ day at​ the​ airport and you​ are traveling with a​ popular airline,​ there could be a​ significant line. Don't worry about how long the​ line is. as​ long as​ you​ arrive when the​ airport recommended,​ you​ will have plenty of​ time to​ make it​ to​ the​ front of​ the​ line and get checked in. it​ may look impossible but it​ will happen so just relax and be patient.
9) Make sure that any “carry on” baggage really is​ carry on. Otherwise you​ may get stopped at​ the​ gate and have your bag taken away to​ be stowed with the​ regular luggage. it​ will delay and stress you. And it​ will delay everyone else.
10) When boarding the​ plane,​ find your seat and stow your carry on​ baggage quickly. And then sit down and stay out of​ the​ way. There are lots of​ people trying to​ do the​ same thing and we've all encountered the​ folks who block the​ aisle for a​ long time fussing about something or​ other while a​ harried line of​ boarders is​ forced to​ wait. you​ don't want to​ be one of​ those people. So just get your business done quickly and efficiently and sit down. You'll have plenty of​ time to​ get up once the​ plane is​ in​ the​ air.
11) If you​ have to​ change planes,​ it​ can be a​ real challenge,​ especially in​ the​ larger airports. if​ you​ know the​ gate you​ will have to​ go to,​ ask the​ flight attendant for advice to​ reach that gate quickly. in​ some airports - like Atlanta - a​ Delta connection can be a​ huge adventure taking 30 minutes to​ get from one gate to​ another. if​ you​ know in​ advance how you​ have to​ get to​ your next airplane,​ it​ will be much less chaotic when you​ get off the​ first plane. And a​ much more relaxing walk (or run) to​ your next gate.
12) When the​ plane lands,​ patiently wait your turn. Whether you​ push or​ just wait,​ you​ usually won't get off the​ plane any quicker. People tend to​ let the​ folks in​ the​ rows before them get up and go in​ a​ pretty orderly fashion. Trying to​ rush it​ will only get your blood pressure up and will not be looked upon favorably by your fellow travelers.
13) If you​ just have carry on​ baggage,​ you​ have successfully completed a​ pretty stress free flight.
14) But if​ you​ have carry on​ luggage,​ there is​ one more step - waiting for the​ luggage. Just pick a​ place around the​ conveyor belt and wait. Expect your bag to​ be the​ very last one to​ come out and be pleasantly surprised when it​ comes out early.

By following these simple steps,​ you​ will find that your stress levels from your air travels will be much less. a​ well planned trip agenda ensures that those little stress points stay little stress points and don't balloon into a​ full blown crisis. Try it​ any you​ will be amazed how just a​ small amount of​ up front planning dramatically improves the​ enjoyment of​ your travel.

14 Tips For A Stress Free Flight

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