A stress- free lifestyle could very well do wonders in​ eliminating depression.
Here are some practical methods to​ combat stress:

1. Express Amusement And Be Happy. Laugh hard and loud. if​ you​ don’t have a​ sense of​ humor,​ find someone else who has. Laughter releases endorphins (happy chemicals) from the​ body,​ and it​ helps boost your immune system.

2. Take Control Over Your Time and Schedule. You’ll be much more able to​ deal with stress if​ you​ have a​ good handle on​ your job,​ relationships,​ and other activities. When you​ are in​ control,​ you​ are more inclined to​ stay focused and calm. Plan your time wisely.

Remember to​ leave room for unexpected events – both negative and positive. Be adaptable in​ rearranging your agenda. Get up 15 minutes early in​ the​ morning. Allow an​ extra 15 minutes to​ get to​ all appointments.
Avoid procrastinating on​ important or​ urgent tasks. Whatever needs doing,​ do it​ immediately. Do the​ unpleasant tasks early,​ so that you​ won’t have to​ worry about them for the​ rest of​ the​ day. Keep an​ appointment or​ record book. Don’t just rely on​ your memory.

Do your tasks one thing at​ a​ time at​ a​ time. Focus your attention on​ the​ present moment,​ whether it’s the​ person talking to​ you​ or​ the​ job at​ hand. This helps you​ to​ avoid making errors - which lead to​ more tension and anxiety. Be patient in​ waiting. Anxiety caused by impatience can rise up your blood pressure. Say “no” to​ requests that you​ cannot accomplish. Delegate trivial tasks. you​ must remember that you​ don’t have to​ do it​ all yourself. Crack a​ job into separate tasks and assign them to​ people with the​ suitable skills.

3. Work Out Strive and get some habitual exercise such as​ brisk walking,​ swimming or​ whatever appeals to​ you. Play a​ sport you’re interested in. Aerobic exercises can considerably reduce the​ stress factor. Work out also improves sleep and gives you​ time to​ think and focus on​ other things. it​ also promotes the​ release of​ natural soothing chemicals in​ your body. Do not result to​ excessive exercise,​ however,​ as​ this may have an​ adverse effect and might cause more depression.

4. Search Out For a​ Support Group. You’ll be able to​ manage stress much better if​ you​ have other people helping and supporting you. Did you​ know that married people and people who are outgoing (always meeting with friends),​ have considerably low levels of​ stress in​ their lives?

Choose positive friends who are not worriers. Friends who continually put you
down or​ talk gloomily about life will increase your anxiety. Invite a​ good friend to​ help you​ talk out a​ problem and get it​ off your chest. a​ long-distance call to​ an​ old pal can be great therapy.

Pardon others instead of​ holding grudges. Slow down your standards – for
yourself and others. Don’t expect too much. Perfectionism is​ not the​ means to
happiness. Become more flexible and adaptable to​ your environment.

Communicate clearly with your co-workers and boss. Ask questions. Repeat
instructions that you​ are given. Clarifying directions at​ the​ start of​ a​ project can save lots of​ time later rectifying out misunderstandings. Be honest in​ your
dealings with others. Lying and cheating leads to​ stress.

5. Take Breaths Deeply and Slowly. Calm down your muscles,​ escalating your stomach and chest. Exhale slowly. Do it​ again several times. Follow your breath as​ it​ flows in​ and out. Do not try to​ have power over it. This is​ a​ good way to​ relax in​ the​ midst of​ any activity. This practice allows you​ to​ find a​ breathing pattern that is​ natural and relaxing to​ you. Make use of​ this yoga technique: Inhale slowly,​ counting to​ eight. Exhale through your mouth,​ even more slowly,​ counting to​ sixteen. Make a​ sighing sound as​ you​ exhale,​ and feel tension dissolve. Do it​ again 10 times.

6. Consume Healthy Foods at​ the​ Appropriate Time.
Never skip meals,​ especially breakfast. Get time out to​ eat heartily no matter how busy you​ are. Take nutritious snacks to​ the​ office,​ or​ even the​ shopping mall. a​ nutritionally balanced diet is​ essential to​ your health and lifestyle. For example,​ researchers have found that even small deficiencies of​ thiamin,​ a​ B-complex vitamin,​ can cause anxiety symptoms. Pantothenic acid,​ another B-complex vitamin,​ is​ critical during times of​ stress. Avoid caffeine,​ alcohol,​ and large amounts of​ sweets,​ which can worsen symptoms of​ stress.

7. Live Optimistically. Count your blessings,​ particularly when everything seems to​ go wrong. Believe that many other people are living in​ worse conditions than you​ are. Don’t exaggerate the​ complexity of​ your problems. Every problem has a​ solution. All you​ need to​ do is​ find that solution. Learn to​ be happy and to​ enjoy life’s blessings. Live one day at​ a​ time.

8. Put Off Problems Earlier Than They Occur.
This takes some preparation. if​ you​ are going to​ another city for an​ valuable
meeting,​ carry your presentation materials and dress suit on​ board the​ plane.
Acquire gas for the​ car before the​ tank is​ unfilled. Get usual oil changes and
checkups. Keep food ready anytime at​ your house so you​ can fix a​ fast meal
without going to​ the​ store. Keep food,​ medicine,​ and toiletries on​ hand so you
never have to​ feel tensed when they run out.

9. Enjoy the​ Good Things That Life Has to​ Offer.
Grant yourself some physical pleasure and enjoyment to​ help your stress slip
away. Indulge yourself to​ a​ professional massage,​ or​ trade massages with a​ loved one. Give yourself consent to​ enjoy a​ movie,​ watch a​ concert or​ sports event,​ listen to​ music,​ or​ read a​ book. Take pleasure in​ a​ soothing cup of​ chamomile herb tea with a​ little bit of​ honey. Chamomile has long been used to​ relieve nervous tension.

Arrange a​ day of​ beauty with a​ friend. Do each other’s hair,​ or​ paint your nails and chat.

Make a​ simple steam facial at​ home by boiling water. Remove the​ pan from the​ stove. Cover your head with a​ large towel so that it​ creates a​ tent over the​ pot. Steam your face for five or​ 10 minutes. Add aromatic herbs to​ the​ water for a​ sensual touch. Center your attention on​ any of​ the​ senses – hearing,​ seeing,​ eating or​ body movements – for a​ few minutes. Even washing your hands can become a​ sensual experience.

10. Possess a​ Definite Goal or​ Purpose in​ Life,​ and Strive for it..
Plan ahead to​ meet your most desired goals in​ life. you​ should always wake up with a​ sense of​ purpose.

Time management experts highlight the​ importance of​ writing down your
important goals. Break big projects down into a​ series of​ small steps that you​ can work on​ every day. Want to​ change jobs? Contact one prospective employer today. is​ writing a​ book your dream? Commit to​ writing one page a​ day. Inch by inch,​ slowly but surely,​ you​ will get to​ your ultimate destination.
Knowing that you​ are striving toward your dreams relieves frustrations that mount when you​ feel stuck in​ a​ situation that seem to​ have no direction.

11. Move Away to​ Recharge Your Spirit. Make a​ schedule for a​ private time alone every day. you​ deserve it. Unplug the​ telephone and enjoy a​ quiet evening alone or​ with your family,​ or​ even 15 continuous minutes in​ the​ shower or​ bathtub. you​ may want to​ spend a​ few minutes writing your feelings out in​ a​ journal. it​ can help you​ find a​ new viewpoint in​ life and relieve internal conflicts.

More Tips to​ Recharge Your Spirit
· Have on​ earplugs for instant peace anytime,​ anyplace.
· Be taught of​ a​ meditation technique. Two methods: Observe your thoughts as​ they pass through your mind. Or,​ repeat a​ word or​ phrase with an​ uplifting
· Put into practice progressive relaxation for 20 minutes twice a​ day to​ relive high blood pressure and other physiological responses to​ stress. Make tighter and release each muscle group in​ turn,​ starting with the​ soles of​ the​ feet and slowly working up to​ the​ scalp.
· Schedule a​ weekend activity that is​ a​ change of​ your usual routine. if​ your week is​ a​ lot scheduled,​ relax and enjoy noncompetitive activities. if​ you​ are never able
to finish anything during the​ week,​ choose a​ project that you​ can complete in​ a​ few hours on​ weekends.
· Take time out for a​ little entertainment in​ the​ middle of​ your workday. When the​ pressures of​ completing a​ project are too great,​ your productivity can drop. Take a​ walk or​ eat lunch outside the​ office.

12. Use Visualization and Affirmation Techniques. you​ can conquer a​ circumstance you​ fear by going over the​ event in​ your mind. Imagine the​ scene in​ clear detail and visualize the​ best possible result that may happen.

You can also reduce an​ imagined fear down to​ size by picturing the​ worst possible outcome. Visualize describing this worst case to​ your best friend the​ next day and the​ sympathy you​ receive. Imagine telling a​ group of​ friends the​ next month,​ who contribute to​ their similar experiences. Finally,​ imagine joking about your unpleasant experience with a​ complete stranger a​ month later. if​ you​ carry this exercise through to​ the​ end,​ your stress will become something to​ laugh about. Replace negative self- talk with affirmations. Don’t let your mind be filled with gloom: You’re too ugly. . . you’re too old. . .you’ll never achieve anything. And things like: What if​ I fail the​ exam? What if​ she doesn’t like my gift? What if​ we get lost? These things haven’t even occurred yet. Nourish your mind with a​ constant stream of​ “I can; therefore,​ I will.”

13. Get Sufficient Sleep.
Settle on​ how much sleep you​ require for best possible performance. Lack of
sleep worsens the​ body’s responses to​ stress and lowers the​ immune system.

14. Don’t Be Self-Centered.
Always remember that you​ don’t have to​ attain all the​ money,​ fame,​ and success in​ the​ world. Today’s society forces us to​ build up as​ much accomplishments as​ we can,​ while trying to​ balance our own personal and family life. There’s just not enough time to​ do all these things. Start from the​ most important task and focus on​ one thing at​ a​ time.


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