11 Great Ways To Relieve Stress

In our lives today,​ we often find ourselves so busy taking care of​ the​ home,​ the​ children,​ our businesses,​ our social life,​ our children's social life,​ our bills and just life in​ general that we often forget to​ take care of​ ourselves.
With us wearing so many hats in​ life,​ we often find ourselves stressed and worn out. But there are remedies for this. For me personally,​ I find that by making myself indulge in​ at​ least one of​ the​ following during my week,​ I am much happier and a​ lot less stressed. I find myself enjoying this "My Time" but I also sometimes try to​ get my family involved so that we all can lead a​ more stress free life.

1.) Try to​ live Simply
2.) Take a​ nice long scenic walk,​ perhaps the​ beach or​ the​ lake. (Even invite a​ friend)
3.) Put on​ your favorite music,​ turn it​ up loud and dance
4.) Light up your electric simmering (aroma) pot with a​ softly scented aroma. This allows your senses to​ relax,​ thus allowing you​ to​ relax. Then curl up on​ the​ sofa with a​ good book
5.) Sink into your tub for a​ long,​ luxurious soak at​ the​ end of​ the​ day. Light a​ few nicely scented candles,​ turn off the​ lights and let the​ glow and scent of​ the​ candle relax your mind,​ body and soul.
6.) Splurge just a​ little and go in​ for a​ professional massage at​ your local day spa
7.) Go have a​ manicure and pedicure done. (And I truly suggest the​ Spa Pedicure – ohh la la!)
8.) How about your favorite movie? you​ know the​ one that just made you​ laugh,​ cry and smile.
9.) Another great idea is​ your local Coffee Stop. This is​ especially nice if​ it​ has a​ book store inside. Grab a​ cup of​ coffee or​ cappuccino and a​ magazine and just relax with the​ latest Hollywood gossip or​ a​ wonderful romance book
10.) Got a​ best or​ very dear friend you​ haven’t talked to​ in​ awhile? Pick up the​ phone and call her and reconnect.
11) the​ number one Stress Reliever: Take a​ Vacation!!!

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