10 Ways To Manage Work Stress For Women

10 Ways To Manage Work Stress For Women

10 Ways to​ Manage Work Stress for Women
Women are more prone to​ workplace because of​ the​ many roles they play in​ life as​ career woman,​ wife,​ mother,​ daughter,​ and​ friend. ​
Women work way beyond the​ 95 shift,​ often having to​ rush home to​ cook dinner,​ help the​ kids with homework,​ and​ prepare the​ next days office attire for the​ hubby. ​
the​ stress and​ anxiety caused by endless tasks and​ impossible deadlines in​ a​ highspeed,​ hightech world has made womens lives a​ living web of​ complexity. ​

The question is​ How can women cope with stress and​ anxiety? the​ first step is​ to​ dissect the​ problem and​ understand how these psychological and​ emotional conditions make womens lives more difficult. ​

Stress is​ a​ combination of​ fatigue,​ restlessness,​ depression,​ overfocusing,​ and​ overall gloominess that is​ a​ consequence of​ overwork and​ other domestic or​ personal problems. ​
the​ difficulty of​ trying to​ balance time between work and​ the​ home has caused many women to​ suffer from stress. ​
Personal or​ relationship issues like divorce or​ separation have also been the​ cause of​ anxiety panic attacks among women. ​
Women who own and​ manage their own business are also prone to​ stress. ​
Their high drive for business success cannot always protect them from times of​ depression and​ overwork. ​
Career women,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ have to​ confront office politics,​ gender discrimination,​ sexual harassment,​ and​ the​ fear of​ being laidoff. ​

But theres still hope for overworked,​ stressed women. ​
Here are some practical ways for women to​ reduce and​ manage workrelated stress
1. Put up relaxing scenes it​ could be a​ poster or​ a​ small painting with beautiful scenery. ​
You can even download screen savers of​ beaches,​ waterfalls,​ clear lakes and​ other scenes that help create a​ serene mood.
2. The ToDoList Use that PostIts or​ other stickon note pads. ​
Colorcode your notes and​ even put up an alarm in​ your computer to​ remind you​ of​ priority tasks. ​
the​ key is​ to​ know what to​ do first.
3. Time out as​ they say,​ All work and​ no play makes Jack a​ dull boy. ​
Take some time out to​ take a​ breather. ​
Do way from reading emails the​ mostly junk. ​
Do stimulating activities like sudoku or​ brainteaser. ​
Reading some inspirational books like Chicken Soup for the​ Soul.
4. Rearrange your workstation Add some homey look to​ your workstation... ​
put up photo frames of​ your family or​ favorite pet. ​
When ever you​ feel stressed out just glance at ​ their happy faces or​ cuteness and​ youll find yourself smiling back!
5. When a​ plant isnt just a​ plant Having a​ plant around your workplace is​ good stress relief. ​
Studies show that looking at ​ something green like a​ plant helps soothe your eyes after facing the​ computer monitor all day or​ after reading for a​ long time. ​
Focusing on​ a​ green plant will have a​ soothing effect.
6. Exercise Walking,​ climbing the​ stairs,​ or​ going out to​ run helps fight stress. ​
Physical activity help get rid of​ tension. ​
During a​ workout,​ your body releases endorphins which helps your body to​ relax. ​
Endorphins also act as​ natural pain killers. ​
There are a​ lot of​ exercise videos that you​ can use ranging from the​ standard aerobics to​ pilates,​ taebo,​ and​ a​ host of​ other fitness programs. ​

7. Declutter a​ cluttered workstation like pens,​pencils,​ notepads,​tons of​ papers spread around every inch of​ your work place adds to​ your stress. ​
Make your work environment more appealing by organizing your things and​ throwing away things you​ no longer need.
8. Set Boundaries Communicate and​ assert yourself,​ make your coworkers know when you​ are more available for chit chat.
9. Go less in​ your caffeine intake caffeine even is​ popularly known as​ a​ stimulant,​ too much of​ it​ adds to​ stress even leads to​ depression.
10. Eat a​ good breakfast Don skip meals even if ​ you​ are indeed in​ a​ hurry. ​
Studies shows that if ​ you​ make it​ a​ practice to​ eat breakfast every day,​ youre body gets more the​ needed proteins to​ give you​ an energy boost to​ face the​ working day.
Beat workrelated stress without beating yourself up. ​
Learn how to​ relax. ​
Sure...we have duties and​ responsibilities but if ​ you​ dont learn to​ relaxburn out is​ what you​ get! Make an effort to​ relax. ​
Listen to​ good music. ​
Try not to​ smoke. ​
Because if ​ you​ dont watch out,​ the​ results would be hypertension...depression... ​
and a​ plethora of​ other ailments that can sidetrack your career and​ home life. ​
Its time to​ regain a​ sense of​ balance if ​ you​ want to​ stay alive for a​ long,​ long,​ long time.

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