Your Prosperity Sunrise A Wealth Meditation For Women

In the​ olden days,​ the​ sun and gold and god and prosperity were all tied up together. They were also mostly considered to​ be the​ domain of​ men and many amongst us who are not of​ that gender still carry a​ residual notion that this might not be for "our kind",​ simply by the​ virtue of​ overwhelming experience of​ so many generations for a​ hundred thousand years.

Fact is​ though that the​ sun is​ a​ powerful prosperity and wealth symbol,​ perhaps the​ most powerful of​ them all - and it​ shines on​ EVERYONE.

This prosperity sunrise is​ a​ shamanic healing meditation designed to​ bring you​ closer to​ the​ aspects of​ wealth and power inherent in​ the​ symbolism of​ the​ sun; it​ is​ easy to​ do and quite wonderful.

If you​ are of​ a​ mind,​ you​ could put on​ some suitable music and move or​ dance this meditation - this will give you​ 360' of​ physical movement which strengthens the​ experience and makes it​ far more profound than if​ it​ is​ entirely autogenic.

So in​ a​ moment,​ close your eyes and find yourself on​ a​ wide,​ sweeping plane,​ cool and dark it​ is​ still but there is​ a​ banding on​ the​ far horizon that tells you​ the​ sun is​ about to​ rise.

This is​ YOUR personal prosperity sunrise.

Feel the​ power and radiance of​ the​ sun increasing as​ the​ sky fills with living light,​ as​ it​ gets brighter and brighter,​ all around,​ you​ feel the​ light and then the​ sun rises majestically over the​ horizon and floods the​ plane with light,​ bathes you​ in​ light,​ powerful energy,​ powerful charge and powerful wealth.

Accept this blessing with open arms.

Open your heart,​ your mind and all your being to​ the​ golden rays of​ sun.

Turn around slowly on​ the​ spot and bathe in​ this blessing of​ wealth and brilliant power.

When you​ are filled to​ overflowing and beyond,​ return and ...

Continue with your day!

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