Your No Gym Workout

Your No Gym Workout

A no gym workout is​ ideal for those people who aren't members of​ a​ gym,​ and don't have any equipment of​ their own. There have been fascinating methods devised whereby people can use their own body weight as​ a​ tool to​ build muscles. Here we​ show you the​ secrets of​ the​ no gym workout.

Step 1
We are going right back to​ basics here,​ so if​ you already know this,​ bear with us. the​ first part of​ a​ workout should involve cardio as​ a​ warm up,​ to​ get the​ blood pumping. a​ no gym workout needs to​ abide by this as​ well. There are many different ways of​ achieving a​ solid warm up,​ so pick the​ one which suits you. Jogging,​ running,​ cycling,​ any of​ these will do to​ get you into the​ prepared state. One possible routine which will definitely warm you up is​ to​ alternate a​ couple of​ minutes of​ jogging with a​ minute of​ sit ups. This will certainly warm you up!

Step 2
The arms are so often the​ main feature of​ a​ bodybuilding workout,​ whether in​ the​ gym,​ or​ at​ home. There is​ plenty you can do for the​ arms as​ part of​ a​ no gym workout. You will need some kind of​ weight,​ and obviously professional measured weights are the​ best. if​ you don't have these,​ you can always improvise. Bags can contain just about anything,​ and you can do bicep curls with them. if​ you use something like tins of​ food or​ books,​ you can always alter the​ weight ass necessary. Press ups are good for the​ rest of​ the​ arms.

Step 3
The chest is​ much more difficult to​ work at​ home,​ because the​ most effective exercises normally involve professional training equipment. a​ weight bench is​ ideal if​ you have one,​ but if​ you don't there are still exercises you can perform. in​ a​ no gym workout,​ you will need to​ do some tough press ups (one handers or​ declined). You can also dip yourself if​ you can find the​ right facility,​ maybe in​ the​ garage or​ the​ kitchen. Work surfaces have been successfully used by some people.

Step 4
Legs are another area where it​ is​ often difficult to​ find the​ right circumstances to​ exercise with your no gym workout,​ but there are ways of​ getting round most of​ the​ problems. Squats are your first port of​ call,​ as​ these put a​ lot of​ pressure on​ the​ legs. You can do these without any weights,​ and still get good results,​ or​ else you can improvise some weights as​ we​ did for the​ arms. Calves can be built up by performing heel raises on​ a​ step,​ or​ similar structure. They can also be a​ side beneficiary of​ your cardio,​ especially if​ that involves skipping.

Now you know how to​ perform a​ full no gym workout. Keep at​ it,​ apply consistency,​ and you should see results.

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