Your Must Know Guide To Writing Thank You Notes

Your Must Know Guide To Writing Thank You Notes

After the​ pomp and circumstance is​ over and you have opened the​ last wedding gift it​ soon comes time to​ face the​ daunting task of​ writing your thank you notes. if​ you are anything like me the​ thought of​ sitting down to​ a​ stack of​ cards makes me find every excuse in​ the​ book not to​ do them. the​ key to​ writing your thank you notes is​ preparation and organization. in​ fact with the​ right preparation writing thank you notes can be simply painless. the​ following are some suggestions on​ how to​ make writing thank you notes a​ more pleasant task.

To stay on​ top of​ the​ situation order your thank you cards when ordering your invitations. Not only do you stay with the​ theme but you also ensure that the​ cards will be there when it​ comes time to​ writing them. if​ you plan on​ being a​ little creative by adding pictures to​ your thank you cards discuss this with your photographer at​ your first meeting. Talk with your photographer on​ photo suggestions and the​ card options that are available to​ you. Make sure to​ order plenty of​ cards.

The second most important detail is​ to​ be organized. Make sure to​ keep track and document every present that is​ sent or​ given to​ you. Have a​ bridesmaid write in​ detail what you receive at​ your bridal shower. Request a​ very descriptive and specific list. Keep all stationary supplies necessary for writing your note cards together and place it​ somewhere easily accessible for when you are ready to​ write.

To make things more personal handwrite each note. Handwritten notes are individualized and show your guest how important they are and how much you appreciate the​ gift they have given you because you have taken the​ time to​ tell them. You can add in​ the​ note something about the​ gift and how you plan on​ using it. if​ they gave you money mention how you plan on​ spending the​ money.

Addressing thank you notes can be a​ little delicate. Refer to​ your close friends and family by their first name. For those individuals that you don’t know well Mr. and Mrs. is​ more appropriate. the​ same holds true for the​ closing of​ your note. Sign both (first) names on​ the​ informal notes and include your first and last name on​ the​ more formal notes. Find a​ writing utensil that you are most comfortable with and that writes nicely. a​ fine point Sharpie or​ a​ ball point pen work well.

The key to​ successful completion of​ your thank you notes is​ planning. Since these notes must go out within three months after the​ wedding it​ is​ essential that careful planning occurs ahead of​ time. All your notes do not have to​ be written a​ once. Pace yourself and spread them out. Pick a​ favorite spot in​ your house,​ get comfortable,​ and start writing. You will be amazed at​ how fast your stack of​ cards and your list begin to​ decrease. Before you know it​ you are done.

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