Your Moving Checklist

Your Moving Checklist

A moving checklist can keep you​ from forgetting important things, like turning on​ the utilities in​ your​ new home. You'll want to​ make your​ own list of​ things to​ be done, but you​ can start with the suggestions below.

Moving checklist - One Month Before

- Make reservations with moving company.

- Notify friends and​ family and​ give them your​ new address.

- Submit change of​ address forms to​ post office.

- Get documents for​ school transfers, if​ you​ have children.

- Have a​ garage sale or​ otherwise lighten the load.

One or​ Two Weeks Before

- Arrange utility shut-offs and​ new connections.

- Transfer banking accounts to​ new location.

- Return books to​ library, rented movies, etc.

- Transfer prescriptions to​ new location.

- Clean house and​ dispose of​ things that won't be moved.

- Start packing and​ labling boxes.

- Pack an​ "essentials" box for​ arrival, with toiletries, paper plates, etc.

- Make moving plans (make hotel reservations, get maps, etc.).

Moving Day

- Start early and​ remember to​ eat.

- Double check every room and​ storage area.

- Turn off lights, lock doors.

- Leave the keys with the new owner or​ real estate agent.

you​ will undoubtedly have many more items to​ add to​ your​ personal list. Start writing down anything you​ think of​ as​ soon​ as​ you​ know you'll be moving. Will the phone be on​ when you​ arrive at​ your​ new home? Will you​ have to​ return across the country just because you​ forgot about a​ safe-deposit box that has the family jewelry? The best way to​ avoid problems like these is​ to​ start early on​ your​ moving checklist.

Your Moving Checklist

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