You Want To Gain Weight

You Want To Gain Weight

It may be hard for you to​ believe in​ this morbidly obese country that we​ live in​ but there do exist people who have trouble gaining weight and need help to​ do it. This is​ true in​ famine ravaged countries in​ say Africa for obvious reasons but it​ is​ less intuitive in​ this country where there is​ no shortage of​ calorie rich food. So who are these people who want/need to​ gain weight?

Well there are at​ least three major groups of​ people in​ America that need help to​ gain weight. These are athletes,​ persons with iatrogenic and disease-caused cachexia,​ people,​ who are unable to​ feed themselves correctly,​ and lastly people whose bodies are using calories at​ a​ higher rate than "normal" people and not counting athletes. So lets take a​ few minutes to​ at​ least consider these groups of​ people.

First and perhaps most obvious are athletes who have trouble gaining weight on​ a​ normal diet because they are burning off as​ much or​ more calories than they are taking in. Athletes,​ especially those at​ the​ elite level,​ often consume ungodly amounts of​ food just to​ supply their bodies with enough fuel to​ work at​ supernormal levels of​ physical activity and support fantastically high rates of​ metabolism. Second are those with diseases that cause a​ loss of​ appetite such as​ anorexia for an​ obvious one or​ mental illness or​ cancer with associated cachexia that are maybe less obvious. in​ the​ case of​ anorexia nervosa there needs to​ be cognitive behavioral therapy that changes the​ basic structure of​ thought for these people that makes them think that they are fat. For mental illness a​ mixture of​ both behavior therapy and drugs that stimulate the​ appetite and helps the​ person want to​ consume enough calories to​ gain weight. For cancer patients these appetite stimulating drugs are really the​ solution if​ they work.

The group that is​ unable to​ feed themselves is​ the​ third group to​ discuss and these are mainly people at​ the​ extremes of​ age. it​ is​ obvious that babies need to​ be fed in​ order for them to​ gain weight but it​ is​ perhaps less obvious in​ the​ elderly who often survive on​ what is​ known as​ a​ "tea-and-toast" diet because they either do not possess the​ physical energy or​ they no longer have the​ mental faculty to​ provide themselves with a​ good nutrition.

The last group are those that have a​ high metabolic rate but aren't athletes with lots of​ physical activity. the​ best example of​ this are people whose bodies are fighting serious illness,​ most commonly infection. the​ immune system needs lots of​ energy so it​ is​ important to​ keep these patients well fed so that they can at​ least maintain if​ not gain weight.

You Want To Gain Weight

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