You Ve Lost The Weight But How Clean Are You On The Inside Where It Counts

In today's age and world,​ being slim,​ shapely,​ possessing ripped abdominal muscles and toned arms seems to​ be the​ aim of​ a​ vast majority of​ the​ people you see spending tons of​ hours working out at​ gyms.

These same people spend loads of​ money on​ the​ new weight-loss pill or​ supplement guaranteed to​ 'make you eat less and increase your metabolism...' and in​ spite of​ whatever side effects the​ product may contain,​ the​ average Joe,​ still thinks this quick fix will be worth the​ risk.

In truth,​ some of​ these people have luck with these efforts,​ and yes they possess the​ ever so ripped and toned muscles we​ as​ a​ society admire so much. However,​ the​ fact that needs to​ be accepted and pondered upon thoroughly is: 'Whatever is​ not built on​ a​ proper foundation will eventually crumble!'

Most fitness experts and bodybuilders atrophy and wear down prematurely as​ sooner or​ later,​ these muscles 'blown up' with unnatural substances have a​ tendency to​ pretty much deflate. Moreover,​ 'ripped' muscles and supposed 'feats' of​ strength DO NOT depict proper and optimal health.

There is​ a​ saying that is​ known to​ every culture which goes:” you are what you eat...” What you eat plays arguably the​ most important role on​ your overall health and fitness,​ thus PROPER DIET should be the​ most important factor of​ any and every health seeker.

What then should one eat? in​ a​ nut-shell: yes as​ boring as​ it​ may sound- Fruits and Vegetables.
These substances possess the​ abilities to​ not only provide the​ necessary fuel needed for day to​ day activities,​ but play important and vital roles in​

1. Providing the​ alkaline reserves in​ the​ body for balancing chemical metabolism within.

2. Cleansing the​ digestive and excretory tract as​ they act as​ the​ much needed intestinal broom to​ sweep these 'pipes' (as you may call them) clean to​ function properly in​ their duties of​ nourishing and cleansing the​ body.

3. Keeping the​ body fit,​ trim and in​ shape WITHOUT the​ unwanted side effects of​ toxic and artificial substances such as​ pills and supplements.
Sure,​ it​ is​ a​ great feeling to​ be able to​ see the​ awesome cuts in​ your 'abs' and arms when you look in​ the​ mirror,​ but feeling good on​ the​ inside as​ well and knowing that you are thoroughly cleansed internally should be of​ just as​ much importance as​ 'getting ripped'.

As I stated in​ one of​ my previous articles,​ a​ quick and sure-fire method of​ attaining internal cleanliness and the​ added bonus of​ healthy weight-loss will be to​ undergo a​ fast.

There are several methods of​ this tried and true method of​ healing and although it​ is​ covered to​ a​ degree in​ the​ free resources section of​ my website,​ you can always do some research on​ this radical; yet extremely effective method of​ internal purification and weight loss.

In conclusion,​ the​ cleaner you are on​ the​ inside and the​ freer you are of​ toxicity the​ quicker you can and will attain your goal of​ being in​ shape.
You Ve Lost The Weight But How Clean Are You On The Inside Where It Counts You Ve Lost The Weight But How Clean Are You On The Inside Where It
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