Yoga Promotes A Healtheir Life

Yoga Promotes A Healtheir Life

What goes on​ in​ the​ body when you are doing your asanas? Most of​ us realize that yoga increases and maintains flexibility,​ strengthens muscles and increases one's stamina. All forms of​ yoga invite the​ participant to​ attend to​ their breath and notice the​ inward quieting. Most individuals who participate sense a​ uniqueness in​ this movement form. Many of​ us are satisfied with just sensing this,​ leaving an​ explanation of​ how it​ affects our bodies and spirit to​ the​ realm of​ the​ mystical.

Those who seek to​ understand how things work ask:

What effect does yoga have on​ one's physicality? When one assumes and holds a​ yoga posture,​ this act of​ stretching and bending at​ the​ joints facilitates feedback to​ the​ central nervous system. This is​ done by means of​ beds of​ proprioceptive nerve endings located within the​ joints and muscles. Proprioceptors provide information about position,​ direction and rate of​ movement as​ well as​ the​ amount of​ muscle tension in​ a​ locality.

Yoga causes the​ central nervous system to​ respond with appropriate self-regulatory measures by promoting proper bio- mechanical use.

Self-regulation and self-healing are the​ physiological responses of​ the​ living body. the​ central nervous system takes the​ input from the​ proprioceptive nerve endings and by relaxing and tightening muscles in​ an​ organized fashion allows one to​ hold that posture. Changing balance of​ any one portion of​ the​ spine requires compensatory adjustments throughout it. Muscles respond automatically to​ stimuli from the​ nervous system which controls and integrates the​ activity of​ the​ whole body.

Flexibility is​ the​ proper and full range of​ motion within the​ joints of​ the​ body. This is​ brought about by the​ coordination of​ muscle tension and muscle relaxation via the​ nervous ystem.

Slowly moving into a​ proper postural stance and holding it​ provides for proprioceptive feedback that allows the​ nervous system to​ coordinate muscle action. Stretching slowly protects muscle fibers and their tendons from strain while resistance set up by holding the​ posture increases muscle strength. Improved muscle strength and stretch provides stability,​ flexibility and protection to​ the​ joints.

Stimulating the​ proprioceptive system or​ massaging the​ nervous system is​ but one of​ yoga's benefits. the​ encouragement and development of​ proper structural alignment reduces strain on​ muscles,​ ligaments,​ and tendons. Proper alignment allows for better functioning of​ the​ organ systems.

Structure determines function. if​ body cavities are distorted,​ so too are the​ contents within. Distortion caused by poor posture changes the​ relationship of​ tissues within organs,​ leading to​ the​ dysfunctioning of​ the​ system. Stress,​ a​ product of​ the​ distortion,​ reduces circulation throughout the​ area.

By improving posture,​ yoga supports the​ proper functioning of​ internal organs by maintaining structural integrity of​ these systems. Proper position and relaxation of​ tension improves circulation. Nutrition to​ the​ whole system is​ encouraged by the​ fluctuating internal pressures generated by the​ different asanas. This fluctuation in​ pressure enhances cellular diffusion and osmosis.

Simply,​ motion is​ life! By moving us through bio-mechanically sound postures,​ yoga promotes a​ healthier life. to​ say that yoga only affects us physically would be denying the​ larger reality of​ our existence. However,​ it​ is​ the​ profound effect that it​ has on​ our physicality which frees us to​ experience the​ depths of​ our existence.

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