Yoga Plus Baby Boomers

Yoga Plus Baby Boomers

yoga And baby boomers For Healthier Lifestyle

How would you like to​ come of​ age?
Nowadays,​ people are conscious of​ getting fit and​ healthy. ​
This is​ just a​ normal response to​ every new and​ rare disease popping out or​ being discovered almost every day. ​
What with the​ advancement of​ technology in​ the​ processing of​ the​ foods we​ eat and​ more often the​ lack of​ it,​ results to​ unbalanced nutrients and​ improper diet.
The only trend which is​ patronized by both the​ young and​ the​ notso young is​ fitness craze. ​
it​ is​ just ironic that when people are young,​ they cant wait to​ mature. ​
When they come of​ age,​ so to​ speak,​ all they wanted is​ to​ stay young.
Aging is​ one normal phenomenon that people are afraid to​ experience. ​
Who would want to​ get old? Getting wiser and​ older should not be in​ consonance with getting old and​ looking old. ​

The traditional concept of​ getting old is​ being redefined by Baby Boomers. ​
The generation of​ Baby Boomers enjoyed each stage or​ phase in​ life much longer than any other previous generation,​ thanks to​ their positive outlook in​ health maintenance and​ execising. ​
And just like any other profession or​ career they held on​ to,​ they are also passionate about staying young and​ healthy,​ as​ well as​ looking young and​ sexy.
The Baby Boomers started the​ socalled health club era. ​
They indulged themselves into almost all forms of​ physical activity such as​ aerobics and​ gym workouts,​ to​ make their bodies healthier and​ their looks better. ​
But as​ the​ reality of​ aging catches them,​ they turn their attention to​ less strenuous and​ laborious exercises to​ stay fit and​ healthy.
Yoga is​ one great type of​ exercise Baby Boomers are into. ​
Yoga exercise focuses on​ the​ relaxation and​ breathing methods. ​
it​ has very low impact to​ the​ body of​ a​ person,​ that any age in​ any size can practice yoga and​ make a​ desirable impact to​ their health. ​
This is​ because yoga doesnt stress out the​ muscles and​ bones of​ a​ person,​ especially those who are in​ their advanced age where bones and​ muscles are brittle and​ easily damaged.
Through the​ relaxation and​ breathing techniques of​ yoga exercise,​ one can be assured of​ bringing down the​ blood pressure and​ relieving stress which is​ contributory to​ heart attacks. ​
it​ has been proven long ago that yoga exercise is​ very effective in​ calming nerves thus promoting better heart health.
By regularly practicing yoga,​ it​ can help in​ reducing weight. ​
Statistics show that persons of​ age forty five 45 with normal weight,​ who practice yoga for at ​ least thirty 30 minutes per week for at ​ least five 5 consecutive years gain three 3 pounds less in​ a​ decade,​ given that each year,​ the​ gain weight of​ a​ normal person is​ one 1 pound a​ year.
For the​ generation of​ Baby boomers,​ yoga really works. ​
Yoga is​ much more efficient than doing gym workouts for building flexibility and​ strength,​ more effectual than aerobics exercise for building breath control and​ stamina,​ and​ more calming than jogging.
Moreover,​ yoga can offset osteoporosis,​ cleanse the​ inside organs,​ balance out and​ invigorate the​ digestive and​ nervous system,​ relieve signs of​ menopause,​ lower rear pains and​ headaches commonly experienced by people coming of​ age such as​ the​ Baby Boomers.
Detoxification is​ another craze right now in​ the​ health circles,​ but aside from detoxifying the​ body,​ the​ mind also needs to​ be cleansed. ​
Yoga is​ one great way to​ have peace of​ mind and​ a​ positive outlook in​ life. ​
Through this,​ a​ person can feel lighter and​ more productive in​ their work and​ jobs. ​
Baby Boomers can benefit from this as​ they are subjected to​ many pressures in​ their lives. ​
Taking the​ time out to​ yoga will definitely detoxify their minds and​ make them feel better.
Yoga,​ because of​ the​ revitalizing effects on​ the​ persons body and​ its soothing influence on​ ones mind,​ is​ called the​ personal source of​ youth of​ man. ​
Constant yoga practice leads man to​ a​ much greater awareness of​ ones body. ​
Greater spiritual enlightenment can also be achieved though yoga exercises.
Baby boomers,​ all across the​ globe,​ are doing everything they can to​ hold on​ to​ their youth. ​
Through yoga,​ these Baby Boomers have a​ chance to​ redefine themselves at ​ any age they would want to.

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