Yoga Nidra And Consciousness Chakras In Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra And Consciousness Chakras In Yoga Nidra

According to​ Paramahansa Satyananda,​ Yoga Nidra actually begins with the​ experiencing of​ these chakras.

the​ chakras are also known in​ other cultures,​ as​ we​ have seen with the​ Hopis in​ the​ USA,​ but also by the​ alchemists in​ Europe and the​ Inuits of​ Greenland and Canada,​ to​ mention but a​ few of​ the​ more evident examples.

in​ the​ deep Yoga Nidra,​ we​ use eight of​ the​ major chakras to​ contact the​ various planes of​ consciousness.
On my newly released CD,​ "Experience Yoga Nidra" (previously on​ cassette tape) I use the​ mantras (certain sound syllables) connected to​ each chakra. I also use visual symbols in​ accordance with the​ traditions of​ India and Europe.

When I started to​ produce "Experience Yoga Nidra" while teaching in​ the​ USA,​ the​ Indian musician Roop Verma was inspired to​ record the​ ancient musical symbols of​ the​ chakras. He was the​ first ever to​ do this. This special music has been merged with my text and guidance during the​ deep Yoga Nidra.

Chakras are often spoken of​ in​ connection with Kundalini Yoga,​ a​ set of​ methods and meditations that can be used to​ harmonise and awaken the​ psychic energy. (The name Kundalini Yoga,​ however,​ is​ also used as​ the​ trade mark of​ a​ contemporary movement - although they only teach standard yoga).

Kriya Yoga is​ probably the​ most profound and effective form of​ Kundalini Yoga. in​ an​ awesome way it​ can strengthen the​ body's energy field,​ remove depressions,​ increase creativity and open you up for a​ first hand knowledge of​ the​ genuine mystical or​ spiritual aspects of​ life.

the​ chakras have corresponding areas in​ the​ brain. When they are relaxed and harmonised during Yoga Nidra,​ the​ release of​ unwanted states such as​ confusion and lack of​ concentration begins. People who awaken their chakras through yoga and meditation,​ open up to​ a​ previously unknown capacity for communication,​ insight and creativity.

Yoga Nidra And Consciousness Chakras In Yoga Nidra

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