Yoga Meditation

Beginners Explore the​ World of​ Yoga Meditation
Yoga refers to​ the​ unity of​ the​ body and​ mind and​ unity of​ the​ mind and​ soul. ​
In Western cultures,​ people believed that gaps between the​ actual bodies and​ ideal bodies are increasing. ​
This is​ because of​ two major reasons lack of​ exercises and​ unhealthy diets leading to​ diabetes and​ obesity. ​

The practice of​ Asana through Pranayama can bring flexibility to​ the​ body,​ calmness to​ the​ mind,​ and​ balance. ​
This can provide basic trainings with some simple asanas. ​
There are five simple points need to​ be followed Proper Breathing; Proper Exercise; Proper Diet; Positive Thinking and​ Mediation; and​ Proper Relaxation. ​

Yoga meditation can give people something which nothing else can. ​
The individuals are introduced to​ the​ different levels of​ themselves. ​
Yoga meditation can bring calmness,​ tranquility of​ the​ mind,​ better health,​ better life,​ better relationships,​ personal insights,​ spiritual insights,​ philosophical insights,​ and​ a​ true sense of​ wellness. ​

Numerous studies have revealed that yoga meditation can significantly affect the​ musculoskeletal,​ nervous,​ endocrine,​ and​ circulatory systems. ​
Using certain yoga postures can assure well being because it​ taps the​ body into the​ wisdom of​ self healing. ​
Yoga can also build flexibility,​ balance,​ and​ strength without any injury risk common to​ fitness activities and​ high impact sports. ​
Yoga meditation can reduce stress and​ boost immunity which is​ always associated with most chronic diseases such as​ cancer and​ heart disease. ​
Beginners can explore the​ world of​ yoga as​ long as​ they have the​ tools needed to​ stay in​ good condition. ​
They can always enjoy the​ yoga benefits. ​

Hatha Yoga is​ one structure of​ meditation. ​
Each posture,​ each breathing practice is​ considered as​ meditation forms. ​
it​ calms the​ body,​ mind,​ and​ breath. ​
Practicing this for about an hour can help people feel more relaxed for several hours because they have achieved serenity and​ peace. ​
This could be a​ very great meditation practice. ​

The asanas compared to​ various forms of​ exercises are completely different. ​
These are normally done with fast movement and​ within specific amounts of​ strain. ​
Exercises can accelerate breathing,​ waste energy,​ and​ draw circulation on​ the​ bodys surface. ​
In the​ end,​ it​ develops the​ muscular parts of​ the​ body. ​
This means that the​ vitality goes with the​ muscles at ​ the​ costs of​ the​ internal nerves and​ glands. ​

According to​ the​ Founder of​ the​ Yoga teaching,​ Sri Bhagavan Patanjali,​ asana in​ literal meaning is​ a​ posture which brings comfort and​ steadiness. ​
So,​ asanas must be practiced with extreme comfort and​ ease. ​

The cleansing method of​ Yoga called NETInasal cleansing is​ an extreme powerful technique yet the​ most simplest. ​
Neti can work wonders for allergies,​ several asthma cases,​ and​ chronic sinusitis. ​
The effect is​ very remarkable for hay fevers,​ an infection on​ the​ upper respiratory tract. ​

In the​ United States,​ there are more than 40 million sufferers of​ sinusitis. ​
Most of​ them failed to​ be cured by antibiotics. ​
Jalaneti or​ neti is​ the​ best method of​ treating sinuses naturally. ​

Neti is​ also excellent for people who wanted to​ quit smoking. ​
it​ is​ because the​ tendency for breathing through the​ mouth is​ reduced. ​
The nose is​ resensitized by neti on​ the​ concrete pollution of​ smoke ingestion thus it​ deprograms the​ brain from psychological and​ physical addiction. ​
Yoga meditation is​ really helpful for achieving a​ great and​ healthy body. ​

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