Yoga Is Unity

Yoga Is Unity

Experienced Yoga practitioners often feel discouraged when a​ naturally gifted dancer,​ gymnast,​ or​ martial artist,​ performs an​ advanced asana with little effort. as​ I have mentioned before,​ there are people with elongated joint capsules and their extraordinary range of​ motion is​ a​ gift. You and I may have to​ work at​ it,​ but the​ many rewards of​ Yoga practice are still there.

Yoga consists of​ many facets,​ and Asanas,​ are just one of​ the​ many parts of​ Yoga. Many students who have extraordinary flexibility admit they struggle with another part of​ Yoga - such as: the​ student who just can't calm down to​ meditate,​ balancing in​ asanas,​ Pranayama,​ Yogic Philosophy,​ and so on.

Unfortunately,​ I have seen many promising Yoga practitioners quit practicing Yoga,​ due to​ a​ competitive mind-set. Within their own minds - they were in​ competition with every student in​ the​ class and,​ possibly,​ their Yoga teacher too.

Remember that Yoga means "union." in​ simple terms,​ we​ can say union of​ mind,​ body,​ and spirit. There are many more explanations about union,​ but that could be a​ separate article. There are also many branches of​ Yoga and,​ therefore,​ many types of​ union,​ but competition is​ far from union.

Competition enhances the​ ego,​ and the​ ego is​ just a​ part of​ your personality. the​ ego resists union for its own survival. the​ ego is​ our social mask and does not want to​ share anything.

Remember,​ the​ next time you start to​ feel envious of​ another student or​ teacher - that is​ not union. if​ anything,​ it​ will hold you back from union and many more valuable contributions that Yoga can make to​ your life.

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Yoga Is Unity

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