Yoga Is A Safe Solution To Weight Control

Yoga Is A Safe Solution To Weight Control

One more study tells the​ world,​ that Yoga can help with weight control and weight loss. the​ latest study was held by the​ Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in​ Seattle,​ Washington.

The study involved 15,​500 healthy,​ middle-aged,​ men and women. This is​ a​ group that typically has difficulty with weight loss,​ since the​ number of​ calories needed declines,​ and the​ energy levels needed to​ burn calories,​ is​ not what it​ used to​ be.

Unfortunately,​ this is​ a​ fact that I have become painfully aware of​ during the​ past few years,​ and cutting back on​ food was my unwanted last option.
Although,​ I cross train almost daily,​ it​ took me one year to​ lose 16 pounds of​ extra weight.

Back to​ the​ study: Yoga practice was defined as​ practicing at​ least 30 minutes once a​ week for four or​ more years. Comparatively speaking,​ this is​ truly “bare minimum,​” and many Yoga teachers used to​ say that this amount of​ Yoga will do nothing.

How times change; Yoga has been keeping people fit for approximately 5,​000 years,​ and its many health benefits are still a​ mystery worthy of​ more studies.

Alan R. Kristal,​ Dr.P.H.,​ the​ study's lead author at​ Hutchinson Center's Public Health Sciences Division said,​ "Men and women who were of​ normal weight at​ age 45,​ and who regularly practiced Yoga,​ gained about three fewer pounds during that 10-year period than those who didn't practice Yoga."

Until all the​ studies are in,​ it​ would be safe to​ say that adding Yoga practice to​ your weekly routine,​ and eating wisely,​ will contribute to​ weight control or​ weight loss.

When seeking a​ Yoga teacher,​ find one who is​ compassionate,​ yet will encourage you to​ practice more frequently. the​ results you will gain from regular practice,​ of​ three to​ four Yoga classes per week,​ will be extraordinary,​ especially,​ if​ you practice Yoga for years.

Yoga is​ very low impact - in​ comparison to​ many aerobic exercise routines,​ and can be practiced for longevity. Your knees,​ spine,​ hips,​ and shoulders,​ will thank you for the​ condition Yoga will keep them in. Many of​ today’s “standard” forms of​ exercise do not have the​ same “bragging rights,​” as​ Yoga.

With respect to​ eating,​ take the​ time to​ identify hunger and cravings. You will notice that they are not the​ same thing. Being a​ chocolate lover,​ it​ is​ much better to​ eat a​ piece of​ chocolate,​ now and then,​ than to​ buy a​ dozen chocolate donuts. This is​ not to​ justify,​ or​ surrender,​ to​ chocolate,​ but to​ eat it​ in​ moderation,​ and not every day.

Based upon what I have said so far,​ it​ is​ all about identification,​ control,​ and moderation. we​ have to​ stop “mindless eating” habits.

Recently,​ researchers found that women who received a​ 1200 mg. calcium supplement,​ on​ a​ daily basis,​ reduced their number of​ premenstrual food cravings by 54%.

On another note: When you have anxiety,​ your body produces more of​ the​ hormone cortisol,​ which may increase the​ volume of​ carbohydrates you eat.
Carbohydrates temporarily increase our levels of​ serotonin,​ making us feel relaxed for the​ short term.

Learn the​ art of​ substituting foods for more nutritionally dense variations. I cover this,​ in​ detail,​ in​ my eBook,​ “14 Days to​ Change Your Life,​” which will be released in​ August 2005.

Being in​ the​ best shape you can be is​ also connected to​ positive thinking.
Therefore,​ use self-improvement sources to​ keep you on​ the​ right track toward optimum health.

Yoga Is A Safe Solution To Weight Control

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