Yoga Hernia And Madonna

Yoga Hernia And Madonna

Energizing Yoga,​ the​ oldest system of​ personal development needs no introduction nowadays and is​ becoming popular all over the​ world because of​ its tremendous physical and medical benefits. People are practicing yoga exercises in​ millions all over the​ world,​ thanks to​ the​ media which is​ highlighting the​ benefits of​ yoga for general public.

However,​ like every other science,​ yoga is​ also a​ precise science. the​ question is: ‘Are all yoga exercises safe to​ be practiced by all people with various health conditions?’
“This is​ the​ question which requires deeper digging into the​ subject of​ yoga itself,​ otherwise the​ consequences of​ doing yoga practice could be more dangerous than beneficial” said Subodh Gupta,​ the​ Yoga expert from India.

”While some of​ the​ yoga exercises can be taught easily without much complication and have various benefits,​ others can be very dangerous for people who are having problem of​ Hernia. For example,​ the​ yoga exercises like Sun Salutation,​ Cobra pose,​ Locust pose,​ Bow pose,​ Standing Forward Bend and Kapalabhati few to​ name are strictly not recommended if​ somebody is​ diagnosed with hernia as​ these exercises may make the​ hernia problem worse” said Subodh Gupta,​ the​ Yoga expert based in​ London.

Considering the​ fact that over half a​ million hernia operations were performed in​ the​ United States last year and more than 2 percent of​ British people are affected by hernia,​ the​ question to​ ask is​ if​ all yoga practitioners are aware of​ their health condition and precautions before beginning the​ Yoga exercise. Madonna,​ the​ famous singer who practices Ashtanga yoga regularly recently had an​ operation for hernia (Ashtanga yoga exercise series is​ a​ system developed by Mysore based famous Indian Yoga guru Shri K Pattabhi Jois). in​ fact,​ the​ famous Ashtanga yoga series which involves jumping can be very dangerous for people who are having problem of​ Hernia” according to​ Subodh Gupta. Hernia develops when the​ outer layers of​ the​ abdominal wall weakens,​ bulge or​ actually rip. Among many reasons for hernia the​ most common is​ straining due to: jumping,​ defecation,​ coughing,​ lifting heavy objects,​ etc.

‘Are precautions for various yoga exercises safely delivered by yoga Gurus?’ ‘Are yoga practitioners listening precautions before starting their yoga practice?’
“Well,​ this is​ a​ serious point to​ consider by all who are teaching yoga and also for people who are practicing yoga. the​ practitioners need to​ understand that their ignorance and lack of​ yoga knowledge may lead them straight into an​ operation room” said Subodh Gupta.

A noble effort has been done by some of​ the​ renowned yoga gurus from India and the​ teachers from the​ West to​ spread the​ awareness of​ yoga but unless Yoga exercises are done with precautions,​ more and more people will get injured without realizing.

Issued in​ public interest by Subodh Gupta,​ Yoga Expert from India,​ for all those who are learning yoga without taking precautions.

Yoga Hernia And Madonna

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