Yoga For Weight Loss What You Need Know To Succeed Part 1

Using yoga for weight loss might not look effective to​ most people. I bet you they’ll go: “Naw,​ it’s just stretching…what can it​ possibly do to​ burn calories?”
Well,​ a​ lot my friend. Yoga can work for weight loss if​ you use it​ right and I’ll tell you what to​ do in​ due course.

“But how exactly can yoga work for weight loss Foras? (That’s my name by the​ way),​ ya’ll just stretching that’s it…!”

Boy,​ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that comment.

Well for interested parties,​ yoga as​ an​ option for weight loss is​ wise,​ safe and effective.
Remember,​ it​ is​ the​ oldest physical culture known to​ man and not only does this exercise work the​ body,​ it​ works the​ mind and soul as​ well. Hey,​ have you seen Madonna,​ Sting or​ Russell Simmons lately? (I can just see you go: “Foras…they were never overweight so don’t go there! Well…they never gained weight either and they actually all still look good for there ages right?

Okay,​ here are the​ poses I recommend you use when using Yoga for weight loss.
Now my friend,​ I will go over what I believe is​ the​ CORE of​ Yoga Poses.
Trust me,​ there have been times when I did this alone and still got the​ benefits that yoga gives from daily practice.

Let’s take notes:

The Sun Salutations When using Yoga for Weight Loss:

These exercises are a​ combination of​ Yoga Poses,​ Breathing Exercises,​ Sun Bathing and Prayer. They have been practiced for centuries by Yoga Practitioners in​ India,​ Martial Artists and African Wrestlers and as​ a​ system to​ rejuvenate the​ body and soul are beyond compare. It’s been said in​ the​ Drugless Healing circles that one round of​ the​ Sun Salutations is​ much better than a​ week of​ exercises at​ the​ gym!

They are very simple to​ learn and just about anyone,​ regardless of​ their fitness or​ flexibility levels can learn these simple exercises. in​ actuality,​ if​ you are familiar with “burpies” (the calisthenics exercise),​ they do derive their origin from the​ Sun Salutations.

Here are some of​ their benefits:
-They alleviate disorders of​ the​ skin and waist.
-Flexibility increases and breathing is​ corrected,​ moreover,​ they mildly exercise the​ legs and arms,​ thus increasing the​ circulation.
-They are the​ best way to​ burn calories and reduce weight and are often recommended for obesity and depression.
-They are an​ effective way of​ loosening up,​ stretching and massaging all joints and internal organs of​ the​ body.
-They stimulate and balance all the​ systems of​ the​ body including the​ endocrine,​ circulatory,​ reproductive and digestive system.


1. Stand straight with the​ palms together as​ in​ a​ prayer position.

2. Inhale and stretch the​ arms above the​ head.

3. Exhale and bend forward while touching the​ toes.

4. Inhale and stretch the​ right leg away from the​ body in​ a​ big backward step and keep the​ hands and left foot firmly on​ the​ ground. Bending the​ head backward the​ left knee should be between the​ hands.

5. Inhale and hold the​ breath. Move the​ left leg from the​ body and,​ keeping both feet together and the​ knees of​ the​ floor,​ rest on​ the​ hands (arms straight) and keep the​ body in​ a​ straight line from head to​ foot.

6. Exhale and lower the​ body to​ the​ floor. in​ this position,​ only 8 portions of​ the​ body come in​ contact with the​ floor: the​ two feet,​ two knees,​ two hands,​ chest and forehead.

7. Inhale and bend back as​ much as​ possible bending the​ spine to​ the​ maximum.

8. Exhale and lift the​ body of​ the​ floor. Keep the​ feet and heels on​ the​ floor.

9. Inhale and bring the​ right foot along the​ level of​ the​ hands; left foot and knee should touch the​ ground. Look up,​ bending the​ spine slightly (same position as​ #4)

10. Exhale and bring the​ left leg forward. Keep the​ knees straight and bring the​ head down to​ the​ knees as​ in​ the​ third position.

11. Raise the​ arms overhead and bend backward inhaling. as​ in​ Position 2.

12. Exhale and drop the​ arms and relax.

You have now completed one round.

Perform as​ many rounds as​ possible in​ multiples of​ 3. Ideally you want to​ aim for 6 rounds minimum and up to​ a​ maximum of​ 30. it​ only takes about 5-10 minutes,​ depending on​ your speed and intensity and is​ best practiced with as​ little clothing as​ possible before an​ open air window first thing in​ the​ morning.

Okay,​ we’ve gone over the​ core pose or​ combination thereof when using Yoga for weight loss in​ this part of​ the​ series of​ this article. I’ll go over SPECIFIC poses (asanas) that will target the​ trouble spots and some breathing exercises that would speed up burning up of​ calories. But my friends,​ note,​ when I say use yoga for weight loss; I mean ALL its limbs: the​ poses,​ the​ prescribed diet for practice and mind-set. if​ you were doing conventional exercise for weight loss,​ you’d know to​ eat a​ healthier diet right…?
Well the​ same applies to​ yoga for weight loss as​ well friends.

See you in​ part 2 of​ this article.

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