Yoga For Stress Relief

Yoga For Stress Relief

Yoga is​ a​ science. That is​ something to​ grasp. Yoga is​ a​ science,​ and not a​ vague,​ dreamy drifting or​ imagining. While it​ is​ true the​ west has been familiar with the​ practice of​ yoga for a​ relatively short time,​ yoga is​ not a​ new discipline ,​ and it​ has been studied and practiced in​ many countries during the​ last century. Yoga is​ an​ applied science,​ a​ systematized collection of​ laws applied to​ bring about a​ definite end.

It takes up the​ laws of​ psychology,​ applicable to​ the​ unfolding of​ the​ whole consciousness of​ man on​ every plane,​ in​ every world,​ and applies those rationally in​ a​ particular case. This rational application of​ the​ laws of​ unfolding consciousness acts exactly on​ the​ same principles that you see applied around you every day in​ other departments of​ science. Yoga uses many of​ the​ techniques that are used in​ more modern and lately developed psychological or​ even medial physical exercise disciplines.

As one ages he learns that by looking at​ the​ world around you,​ how enormously the​ intelligence of​ man,​ co-operating with nature,​ may quicken "natural" processes,​ and the​ working of​ intelligence is​ as​ "natural" as​ anything else. the​ yoga way not only combines this feeling of​ “cosmos” but also works beneath the​ surface to​ strengthen the​ unity of​ man with the​ universe. we​ make this distinction,​ and practically it​ is​ a​ real one,​ between "rational" and "natural" growth,​ because human intelligence can guide the​ working of​ natural laws; and when we​ come to​ deal with Yoga,​ we​ are in​ the​ same department of​ applied science as,​ let us say,​ is​ the​ scientific farmer or​ gardener,​ when he applies the​ natural laws of​ selection to​ breeding. the​ farmer or​ gardener cannot transcend the​ laws of​ nature,​ nor can he work against them. He has no other laws of​ nature to​ work with save universal laws by which nature is​ evolving forms around us,​ and yet he does in​ a​ few years what nature takes,​ perhaps,​ hundreds of​ thousands of​ years to​ do.

This can b done by applying human intelligence to​ choose the​ laws that serve him and to​ neutralize the​ laws that have a​ negative effect on​ the​ goal of​ the​ farmer. the​ farmer brings the​ divine intelligence in​ man to​ utilize the​ divine powers in​ nature that are working for general rather than for particular ends.

Yoga is​ something that can make a​ real change in​ peoples lives,​ we​ have seen this many times,​ from the​ physical practice of​ yoga to​ the​ philosophical implications,​ through the​ knowledge of​ the​ science of​ yoga,​ all that is​ yoga combines into a​ bigger,​ complete discipline that is​ beneficial for humanity. For some calling yoga is​ a​ way to​ allow this to​ pass as​ a​ acceptable means of​ physical development,​ for others it​ seems like it​ contradicts the​ very spiritual nature of​ yoga,​ the​ different faces of​ yoga,​ as​ its different uses sometime creates the​ illusion of​ one single use.

Yoga For Stress Relief

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