Yoga For Modern City Life Most Urbanites Start With A Class

Yoga For Modern City Life Most Urbanites Start With A Class

Yoga for Modern City Life: Most Urbanites Start with a ​ Class

The best place to​ ​ start is​ ​ with a ​ class,​ where a ​ teacher can show you how to​ ​ adapt poses using props and help you learn proper technique for the​ postures.

The good news is​ ​ that yoga classes have never been more widely available. You'll find them at small studios,​ health clubs and gyms. the​ hard part is​ ​ finding a ​ class that's just right for you. Studios that are dedicated to​ ​ yoga also foster a ​ more dedicated practice. the​ same students return to​ ​ class week after week,​ and instructors usually follow a ​ particular discipline of ​ yoga. Some classes are aimed at beginners.

Whether you consider a ​ studio or health club classes,​ here are some tips to​ ​ find qualified instructors and classes that suit your needs:

Define your goals. Do you have chronic back pain or other physical limitations. An Iyengar-based class,​ with its emphasis on​ proper form and use of ​ props,​ would be ideal. Looking to​ ​ improve concentration and reduce stress. Consider a ​ class that incorporates meditation. Seeking a ​ challenging workout. Try an ashtanga class.

Ask about the​ instructor's background. There is​ ​ no national certification program for yoga yet,​ although some disciplines have their own rigorous teaching certification programs. You want an instructor who has been practicing and teaching for a ​ long time.

Check out the​ space. Look for rooms that are spacious and well ventilated. Plenty of ​ props sticky mats,​ straps,​ foam bricks,​ blankets and bolsters are a ​ good sign,​ too. Ideally,​ yoga rooms are quiet,​ but that may not be the​ case in​ ​ a ​ gym setting where students have to​ ​ contend with loud music and clanking weight machines.

Yoga For Modern City Life Most Urbanites Start With A Class

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