Yoga For Modern City Life Hatha Yoga Most Popular In The Us

Yoga For Modern City Life Hatha Yoga Most Popular In The Us

Yoga for Modern City Life: Hatha Yoga – Most Popular in​ ​ the​ US

There are actually several branches of ​ yoga,​ including bhakti,​ the​ yoga of ​ devotion,​ and jnana,​ the​ yoga of ​ knowledge. the​ most widely practiced branch in​ ​ the​ US,​ the​ one typically offered at gyms and exercise studios,​ is​ ​ hatha yoga,​ which is​ ​ physical yoga. But there also are different styles of ​ hatha yoga,​ from the​ exercise-intense power yoga to​ ​ the​ gentle chair poses used in​ ​ svaroopa yoga.

Many of ​ the​ instructors offer integral yoga,​ which involves stretching and bending into various positions called asanas,​ as well as breathing exercises and deep relaxation. By practicing and learning asanas,​ students can gain flexibility,​ strength,​ stamina and improved circulation.

Integral yoga is​ ​ not religious,​ but it ​ does offer an introspective,​ spiritual component that you won't find in​ ​ most exercise programs.

A typical adult class lasts 1 hour. First,​ the​ students center themselves through breathing,​ then come together as a ​ group with a ​ collective om. They do a ​ quick series of ​ cardiovascular movements,​ an hour of ​ stretching and 20 minutes of ​ relaxation while lying on​ their backs.

The relaxation period gives students a ​ chance to​ ​ turn inward. Some people are making lists in​ ​ their head. Some people are asleep. Some people are just in​ ​ a ​ really great space,​ where they're conscious of ​ what's going on​ in​ ​ the​ room,​ and yet at the​ same time,​ completely and unequivocally out.

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