Yoga For Migraines

Yoga For Migraines

Yoga for Migraines
Stretching,​ breathing,​ bending—none of​ these activities sound good to​ a​ migraineur in​ the​ throes of​ a​ headache,​ but they should. ​

Yoga is​ a​ physical and​ psychological discipline originating in​ India. ​
Most modern yoga practiced in​ the​ West is​ hatha yoga,​ which is​ primarily concerned with asanas postures,​ pranayama breathing exercises,​ and​ meditation. ​
Yoga is​ an excellent way to​ relieve stress,​ a​ common migraine trigger,​ and​ tone the​ body. ​
Being active in​ a​ regular,​ low impact fitness program helps many migraineurs reduce the​ frequency and​ severity of​ their headaches. ​
This makes yoga a​ good fit for migraineurs who want both less headaches and​ less pain medication in​ their lives.
As with any fitness plan,​ migraineurs need to​ consult their doctor before beginning a​ yoga regimen. ​
Home fitness videos and​ books are great resources for beginners,​ but should not be the​ only resources a​ migraineur uses when starting yoga. ​
Many poses may actually increase the​ likelihood of​ headaches. ​
Migraineurs who are seriously planning to​ take up yoga as​ a​ complement to​ their migraine treatment plan should make an appointment with a​ skilled yoga instructor to​ discuss their condition and​ what poses are appropriate. ​
if ​ they have a​ book,​ they should bring it​ to​ the​ appointment to​ review with the​ instructor.
For migraineurs who are thinking about taking up yoga to​ help ease their symptoms,​ but are not ready to​ commit to​ spending money on​ it​ there are some great free resources on​ the​ web relating specifically to​ yoga for migraines. ​
the​ ABCofYoga has a​ great article on​ migraines with an illustrated list of​ poses,​ and​ directions on​ how to​ achieve them,​ on​ their website at ​ http// ​
Yoga Today has a​ video archived on​ their website of​ a​ yoga class specifically for migraineurs available for online viewing or​ download at ​ http//

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