Yoga For Kids What Yoga Poses Are Best For My Child

Yoga For Kids What Yoga Poses Are Best For My Child

Yoga indeed has become a​ popular,​ mainstream alternative for exercise and fitness. Here in​ Los Angeles,​ hardly a​ day goes by that I don’t see people walking by with their Yoga Mats rolled up underneath their arms coming from or​ going to​ their Yoga class.

Most stay-home moms have picked Yoga up as​ well as​ their method of​ keeping fit and maintaining physical,​ mental and emotional balance. Upon seeing the​ apparent results most naturally wonder how their children might be able to​ benefit form using Yoga for kids. Well,​ it​ is​ my hope that as​ a​ Yoga enthusiast myself,​ you will find this article much helpful in​ choosing the​ yoga poses that could be incorporated into your child’s recreational endeavors.

Yoga for Kids: Recommended Poses.

1. Sun Salutations: These are a​ group of​ poses that serve as​ a​ warm up to​ a​ yoga session or​ class. For staying fit,​ keeping obesity at​ bay and fun (especially when performed at​ a​ high speed),​ the​ Sun Salutations will be an​ immense source of​ enjoyment for kids getting introduced to​ Yoga. Do you know in​ India,​ they actually hold contests of​ how many rounds of​ Sun Salutations kids can do in​ one go? Yeah,​ they are that much fun.

2. the​ Shoulder Stand: Trust me,​ behind your back,​ kids already try this pose. You probably did as​ a​ kid without knowing you were actually doing Yoga. So in​ your use of​ yoga for kids,​ make sure the​ inclusion of​ this pose is​ of​ priority. Executed with the​ bridge pose and fish-poses as​ counter poses,​ for kids doing yoga,​ the​ shoulder-stand will reap many benefits.

3. the​ Forward Bend Pose: This teaches your kids self-dependence and aids immensely at​ curbing digestive disturbances as​ an​ added bonus. I’ll have you know,​ some authorities of​ Yoga have said that these three poses mentioned thus far are enough for humans-although this may be slightly erroneous or​ incomplete as​ the​ execution of​ their counter-poses for a​ specified amount of​ time is​ also of​ great importance as​ well.

4. the​ Wheel Pose: Okay,​ I was walking through the​ park the​ other day and saw a​ kid who couldn’t have been more than 8 years of​ age executing this pose for literally 90 seconds. Yes,​ I counted this out of​ amazement and intrigue. It’s been hailed as​ the​ “forever young pose”,​ consequently when using yoga for kids; this has got to​ be included. Co-incidentally it​ is​ the​ counter-pose to​ the​ third pose above.

5. the​ Relaxation Pose: of​ course this is​ a​ must-do for everyone. When introducing your kids to​ yoga,​ this will be a​ good time to​ show them how to​ relax with its use as​ a​ secret for relief from school stress and the​ little challenges they may face in​ their young lives. Yes,​ they do have some demands placed on​ them parents. Moreover showing this to​ them now will go a​ long way with laying the​ foundation on​ how to​ deal with the​ daily demands of​ life.

Other great poses to​ consider are the​ Bow,​ Triangle,​ Spinal-Twist,​ Inclined and Diamond Poses. Kids should also be shown proper breathing exercises with emphasis on​ Abdominal Breathing.

Other factors to​ be included when using yoga for kids are the​ use of​ a​ proper,​ nourishing diet of​ Fresh Fruits and vegetables-(emphasis on​ leafy ones) and positive thinking techniques. On the​ subject of​ diets,​ you can add some celery juice to​ their fresh fruit juices if​ you have one of​ those popular juicers such as​ the​ juiceman. This is​ one way of​ sneaking in​ a​ good source of​ powerful minerals into their bodies,​ tastefully. Oh,​ before I forget,​ they love BARHI dates! Moms,​ these are just like their rather harmful counterfeits (candies at​ the​ store) but of​ course are sources of​ great nutrients.

Yoga for kids is​ best begun around the​ age of​ seven,​ however,​ kids-being-kids,​ they of​ course will emulate what they see you doing,​ so as​ long as​ you know they are not in​ harm’s way,​ it’s okay to​ let them dabble a​ bit into Yoga.

Indeed using Yoga is​ both fun for kids and beneficial for as​ the​ book of​ Prov. 22. 6 states,​ it​ is​ one effective method of​ “Training your child in​ the​ way he should go...” as​ the​ discipline and confidence that comes from Yoga (and Martial Arts too-just a​ hint)
may only be attainable from this ancient form of​ physical culture.

So Moms and Dads,​ go on​ and get your kids started on​ yoga. You’ll be glad you did.

Yoga For Kids What Yoga Poses Are Best For My Child

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