Yoga For Computer Users Supported Side Stretches

Yoga For Computer Users Supported Side Stretches

Yoga for Computer Users: Supported Side Stretches

Many computer users around the​ world face the​ problem of ​ back pain. Having your back against the​ wall usually means you're in​ ​ trouble. But for certain yoga positions,​ having your back firmly against a ​ wall will aid health.

In Hatha Yoga,​ the​ practitioner forms what Swami Gitananda calls body geometry--triangles,​ straight lines,​ circles and parallel lines. When you do a ​ posture,​ always stretch your body to​ ​ its utmost limit and then hold it ​ there for a ​ slow count of ​ 10,​ gradually building up the​ time,​ until each posture can be maintained for 30 seconds. Holding a ​ posture is​ ​ essential to​ ​ yoga because it ​ gives the​ body a ​ chance to​ ​ settle into the​ stretch and loosen up. Then each time you stretch it ​ will be just that little bit farther.

Many of ​ the​ sideways,​ or lateral,​ stretches in​ ​ Hatha Yoga require that the​ body face forward,​ with hips level and back and spine tilting neither forward nor back. Beginners tend to​ ​ lean forward to​ ​ increase the​ stretch. But leaning forward is​ ​ wrong and will actually detract from benefits and possibly cause harm. to​ ​ perform these stretches properly,​ make sure to​ ​ keep your spine firmly against a ​ wall. the​ wall acts as a ​ prop. Even those who have practiced yoga may find that they cannot bend as far as they thought they could when they do the​ postures properly. the​ extra time spent in​ ​ forming careful postures will pay off: Your body will gain excellent flexibility and strength.

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