Yoga For Computer Users The Side Angled Stretch

Yoga For Computer Users The Side Angled Stretch

Yoga for Computer Users: the​ Side-Angled Stretch

Stand straight against the​ wall and stretch the​ feet about three to​ ​ four feet apart. Inhale and raise arms up to​ ​ shoulder level,​ palms down. Point right foot to​ ​ the​ right and slightly turn in​ ​ left foot. Bend right knee to​ ​ form a ​ right angle,​ with thigh parallel to​ ​ the​ floor and the​ shin vertical. the​ knee should be directly above the​ ankle. Stretch the​ back leg and tighten the​ knee.

Exhale and stretch right hand down to​ ​ rest on​ floor behind right foot. Turn head to​ ​ look up and press left hip flat against wall with left hand. a ​ strong pull should be felt all along the​ left side. When you feel comfortable,​ stretch the​ left arm up and press it ​ against your ear so that from left heel to​ ​ left hand the​ body is​ ​ stretched and extended. Hold this position for a ​ slow count of ​ 10,​ making sure that upper shoulder,​ hip and bent knee are pressed against the​ wall. Inhale and return to​ ​ starting position. Exhale and repeat on​ left.

Benefits: This posture produces overall health. it ​ tones every muscle,​ tendon and joint in​ ​ the​ body. the​ heart is​ ​ revitalized and strengthened,​ and,​ if ​ crooked,​ the​ spine is​ ​ stretched and realigned. the​ hip joints,​ which can weaken with age,​ become stronger and more flexible. the​ neck is​ ​ stretched and made more flexible,​ easing the​ pain of ​ stiff,​ tense muscles and spondylosis. Thighs,​ hips and waist are firmed. Even digestion is​ ​ improved.

Remember to​ ​ lie down and relax after your yoga practice. Relaxation after exercising helps the​ body to​ ​ recover,​ regulates the​ flow of ​ blood,​ and calms and soothes the​ mind. That way you don't feel tired but refreshed and invigorated.

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