Yoga For Computer Users Other Postures

Yoga For Computer Users Other Postures

Yoga for Computer Users: Other Postures

The Diamond Posture (Vajrasana)
Kneel on​ a ​ thick carpet or blanket with your knees close together. Sit back on​ your heels and stretch up from your hips,​ balancing your head well so that a ​ line drawn through ear,​ shoulder,​ elbow and hip would be straight. You should sit up in​ ​ this posture for greatest benefits.

The Locust (Salabhasana)
Most yoga students are familiar with this posture. Lie flat,​ face down,​ chin on​ floor. Make your hands into fists and push them either under your thighs to​ ​ help the​ lift,​ or place them alongside your body. Exhale and lift legs from your hips,​ tightening your buttocks and stretching your legs up and back. Hold position for as long as possible,​ exhale,​ return to​ ​ starting posture and repeat.

he Dog Stretch (Adho mukha svanasana)
Lie face down,​ legs stretched back,​ buttocks tightened and knees pulled back. Place hands just below shoulders,​ exhale and lift head,​ then chest,​ shoulders and torso,​ pushing down from your pelvis and straightening your arms. From the​ back of ​ your head to​ ​ your tailbone,​ your body should be curved back. Push shoulders back and down. Push head back more. Stay like this as long as possible with normal breathing. Come down very slowly,​ and relax.

The Twist (Bhardwajasana)
Kneel on​ the​ floor and sit back,​ bringing both feet to​ ​ the​ right of ​ your hips. Straighten your right arm,​ bring it ​ across your body and turn to​ ​ the​ left. Place your hand,​ palm down under your left knee. Exhale,​ turn your body more to​ ​ the​ left and clasp your right elbow with your left hand,​ from the​ back. Turn your head and gaze over your right shoulder. Fold position for a ​ few breaths and then twist and look back over your left shoulder. Shoulders should be at right angles to​ ​ the​ body. Come back to​ ​ starting position and repeat on​ other side. You should do this posture once every hour if ​ you have lower back pain.

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