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No debate can arise from Yoga Exercises or​ is​ questionable on​ just how powerful yoga can be. Yoga has proven to​ give beneficial rewards to​ millions of​ people in​ helping them to​ keep in​ shape while at​ the​ same time assisting them to​ lead a​ healthy lifestyle. Your health and yoga is​ a​ match made in​ heaven. Yoga Exercises and the​ people who practice regular routines are finding it​ easier to​ cope with stress on​ top of​ easing body aches and pains.

Times have changed dramatically from the​ days of​ yesterday - in​ the​ days gone by life was a​ struggle for families - but some how they coped with the​ illnesses that plagued and terrorised their well being. in​ those days you never seen a​ jogger a​ treadmill or​ come to​ think of​ it​ any form of​ exercise like yoga. the​ only thing that the​ modern world has in​ common from the​ days of​ the​ notorious Jack the​ ripper is​ the​ plague. Citizens today are plagued by stress brought on​ by pressure from work commitments to​ running the​ home and much more. Why do we​ put up with the​ torment of​ coping like the​ people of​ yesterday who were a​ lot less fortunate than ourselves - where their options to​ help reduce any health risks were zilch?

Yes changes have dramatically altered but in​ our best interest where health matters is​ a​ major concern.

Yoga Exercises do go back to​ ancient times but why did so many poor unfortunate urchins die from cholera etc while trying to​ pick a​ pocket or​ two. the​ answer to​ that is​ there was no awareness programme administered on​ how to​ stay healthy and fit. (Which may have helped save lives?) Could this be the​ reason why so many children have been introduced to​ Yoga Exercises by their parents in​ the​ 21st century?

Yoga exercises for children start with simple and easy moves - yoga moves and poses for kids are normally named after animals to​ make it​ more fun as​ well as​ interesting. For example the​ butterfly pose is​ very popular among the​ children - this exercise includes where the​ child will sit with their knees bent leaning down towards the​ floor and the​ soles of​ the​ feet slightly touching. Parents are becoming more involved with health maintenance procedures in​ keeping their children fit and healthy.

By enlisting your kiddies to​ join local yoga classes you have just thrown them a​ lifeline where they will learn more on​ body awareness. One of​ the​ main reasons for introducing a​ child to​ the​ world of​ yoga is​ - obesity.
Some children take to​ yoga exercises like a​ duck to​ water and pick up quickly on​ the​ understanding as​ to​ why they are performing such exercises. But then you have those who struggle to​ come to​ terms with their exercise and have no idea to​ what rewards can be gained. What really matters is​ - as​ long as​ the​ kiddies are enjoying themselves then that is​ one rewarding result in​ itself.

Later in​ life when the​ child is​ fit and healthy - it​ is​ then that you will find the​ child`s perception of​ the​ whole yoga experience will answer their question as​ to​ why mummy and daddy did what they did and that was to​ send them to​ practice yoga exercises.

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