Yoga Creates A Balance Between The Body Mind And Soul

Yoga is​ an​ ancient science that aims to​ create a​ balance between the​ body,​ mind and soul,​ thereby curing physical mental and spiritual disorders that are caused by this imbalance. in​ common language,​ yoga means union; it’s a​ union of​ the​ individual consciousness with the​ super-consciousness. to​ be exact,​ yoga aims at​ reminding the​ individual of​ this union that already exists and has merely been forgotten. to​ put it​ simply,​ yoga is​ experiencing and knowing what already exists,​ not inventing anything new.

At the​ physical level,​ yoga can create a​ balance and harmony among the​ various organs and systems of​ the​ body,​ allowing the​ healing powers inherent in​ the​ body to​ work and cure physical ailments. at​ the​ mental level,​ yoga is​ the​ harmony between mind,​ heart and hands or​ between thought,​ speech and action. at​ the​ spiritual level,​ yoga aims to​ destroy the​ individual ego that stands between the​ individual and the​ cosmos,​ thus attaining to​ the​ ultimate truth.

Yoga is​ basically a​ set of​ systematically devised physical exercises that lay emphasis on​ balance and posture. Combined with breathing exercises they have the​ capacity to​ cure almost any ailment of​ the​ body and mind. the​ underlying concept of​ yoga is​ to​ create the​ situation in​ which the​ human body can function at​ its optimum capacity.

Yoga Asanas or​ positions are simple and effective body movements that massage the​ muscles lubricate the​ joints and tone the​ whole body. Yoga postures help to​ keep the​ body healthy and the​ mind peaceful. Asanas exercise the​ nerves,​ glands,​ ligaments,​ and muscles. These exercises increase flexibility and balance in​ the​ body.

Yoga poses refer to​ the​ sequence of​ exercises which is​ extremely important to​ get the​ best results. They are scientifically graded to​ move from the​ simple to​ the​ complex,​ to​ cure the​ body first and then move on​ to​ mental and spiritual goals.

Though it​ is​ best to​ begin yoga practice under the​ guidance of​ a​ trained yoga teacher,​ you can now learn to​ do these exercises at​ home with the​ help of​ videos and yoga software. Once you have learned the​ basic exercises you can make it​ a​ part of​ your daily routine. It’s best to​ fix a​ time and place for doing yoga so that you can be regular and reap rich benefits from it. After some time you will see a​ sea change in​ yourself. Your body will become shapely,​ attractive and healthy; you will have a​ positive attitude and your worldview on​ life will become beautiful. You will feel blessed!

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