Yoga And Obesity Solution

Yoga And Obesity Solution

As per one report nearly 14 percent of​ British youngsters are clinically obese. the​ cost of​ Obesity to​ the​ NHS is​ about £ 1 billion a​ year. By 2010 the​ number of​ overweight and obese youngsters in​ the​ European Union nations is​ expected to​ hit 26 million. an​ estimated 20,​000 obese youngsters will have type 2 diabetes as​ per another report.

Obesity put strain on​ heart,​ respiratory and eliminatory system. it​ also increases the​ chances of​ diabetes,​ hypertension and heart diseases. Generally it​ is​ seen that obese people are also lower in​ vitality.

Obesity occurs in​ mostly two types of​ people. in​ stressful people who eat very fast and in​ excess and secondly in​ household person who eat from boredom. as​ the​ people put on​ weight they tend to​ become less happy because of​ their appearance and become more frustrated. Some people think by taking insufficient food can help in​ reducing weight. But when they start dieting,​ body starts to​ slow down in​ order to​ conserve energy and boost its chances of​ survival. This is​ why weight loss tends to​ slow down as​ we​ continue to​ diet. So in​ a​ way dieting is​ not the​ good method for reducing weight.

The most common cause of​ obesity is​ overeating and less physical movement. Overeating problem is​ coupled with poor diet and also wrong timing of​ eating said Subodh Gupta,​ Yoga expert from India. in​ fact to​ fight growing obesity among children,​ some of​ the​ schools in​ the​ UK are planning to​ introduce yoga for thousands of​ young students. This is​ an​ excellent step in​ the​ direction of​ fighting the​ obesity problem of​ UK.

Yoga practice provides an​ excellent means for maintaining balanced weight and overcoming obesity problem,​ provided a​ daily yoga program is​ followed with regular routine according to​ Subodh Gupta Yoga expert based in​ London.

Gentle yoga asana (postures) followed by Sun salutation exercise are very good for removing blockages and librating pranic energy in​ our body and helpful in​ revitalizing the​ body and mind. One should do yoga exercise to​ their comfort level but never to​ strain oneself. Yoga asana (postures) helps in​ building up strength and vitality slowly but surely. Yoga Exercise does not have to​ be intense or​ vigorous,​ but it​ must be regular and should amount to​ at​ least 30 minutes a​ day. Along with Yoga exercise,​ healthy diet at​ proper time and practice of​ relaxation technique is​ very helpful for overcoming obesity and maintaining balanced weight.

Issued in​ interest of​ obese people by Subodh Gupta,​ Yoga Expert based in​ London. For reaching to​ Subodh Gupta website Subodh Gupta webSite
and for Subodh gupta article webpage Subodh Gupta article webpage

Yoga And Obesity Solution

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