Yoga And Christianity A Conflict

Being a​ practicing Christian myself,​ there are very few things in​ Yoga that conflict with Christianity. Some critics argue that Yoga and Christianity cannot co-exist,​ and yet we​ know that Yoga is​ not a​ religion.

However,​ that depends on​ your opinion. Recently,​ I was reading about someone who claims Kundalini is​ “new age witchcraft.” Sorry to​ say,​ another person recently stated,​ “Good Christians should avoid the​ devil’s exercise,​” in​ reference to​ Yoga.

Are the​ Salem witch trials still so close to​ our hearts? These claims are interesting because ministers and priests have been practicing meditation for centuries,​ without any complaints.

I suppose,​ if​ someone devoted enough time to​ meditating on​ bad thoughts,​ meditation would be a​ bad experience.

To be honest,​ it​ depends upon what you meditate about; and in​ truth,​ within some schools of​ Yoga,​ Hinduism,​ or​ Buddhism is​ taught. For me,​ this has always been a​ conflict,​ as​ I love Yoga,​ but have no desire to​ change my faith.

The many teachings of​ Yoga and meditation,​ are non-sectarian. Now,​ if​ Yoga were a​ religion,​ which would it​ be? the​ principles of​ Yoga are universal.

The Yamas and Niyamas are similar,​ in​ principle,​ to​ the​ Ten Commandments,​ but as​ a​ Christian you have the​ right to​ pick and choose what you want from Yoga. You also have the​ right to​ avoid sectarian ashrams.

Yoga practice,​ and meditation,​ give many Christians,​ Jews,​ Buddhists,​ Hindus,​ and Moslems,​ a​ closer connection to​ God,​ but there will always be someone who feels tempted to​ change their faith.

Let’s be honest,​ the​ people who worry about a​ sudden change of​ faith are,​ for the​ most part,​ rooted in​ two distinct camps of​ thought.

1. Someone who is​ on​ the​ fence about their own religion and not quite sure where they really stand.

2. Severe intolerance of​ any idea that is​ new or​ might result in​ opening the​ mind.

Let’s stop the​ intolerance now. When you are driving in​ your car,​ waiting in​ line,​ or​ come face-to-face with someone who is​ different from you,​ please set an​ example for your children and give the​ other person a​ break.

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