Writing Your Personal Vision Mission Statement

Writing Your Personal Vision Mission Statement

I recently spent some time revising my personal vision/mission statement for my coaching practice. While doing this,​ it​ occurred to​ me that the​ vision I have for my work is​ closely related to​ my personal vision. Having a​ job that reflects my personal vision is​ powerful because it​ has allowed me to​ create a​ business life for myself that truly reflects who I am.

Companies know all about vision and mission statements and getting their employees on​ board. Vision and mission statements propel the​ company in​ the​ direction that they want,​ and ultimately towards success. Many of​ us have spent countless hours working on​ these statements for our employers,​ and doing our part to​ contribute to​ their vision as​ a​ part of​ the​ team. Much like a​ business,​ we,​ as​ human beings have a​ purpose or​ mission in​ life.

What if​ we​ spent as​ much time getting to​ know who we​ are and what we​ want for ourselves? a​ personal vision/mission statement is​ the​ framework for creating a​ powerful life. Unlike a​ goal,​ a​ vision or​ mission rarely changes. it​ is​ a​ reason for our existence. it​ guides us in​ the​ decisions we​ make and the​ directions we​ take.

Your Personal Vision

Close your eyes and picture yourself in​ the​ future. it​ may be a​ few months or​ years from today. See the​ person you are; what you are doing,​ who you are with,​ what you have accomplished,​ what is​ important to​ you,​ and how people relate to​ you. How does it​ feel to​ be you? Feel the​ person you are,​ your true self. Now,​ open your eyes and see your life and yourself in​ the​ present,​ through those eyes. You will begin to​ notice the​ changes you need to​ make to​ honour this vision and lead a​ powerful life. a​ Personal Vision is​ a​ picture of​ your True Self in​ the​ future. an​ effective personal vision includes all the​ important elements of​ your life and career; it​ is​ who you want to​ be,​ what you want to​ do,​ how you want to​ feel,​ what you want to​ own,​ and who you want to​ associate with. Although your personal vision helps you to​ see into the​ future,​ it​ must be grounded in​ the​ present. it​ is​ a​ statement of​ who you are,​ and who you are becoming. it​ is​ the​ framework for the​ process of​ creating your life. Your vision is​ where you are headed,​ how you get there is​ your mission statement.

Your Personal Mission Statement

A Personal Mission Statement is​ how you will manifest your Personal Vision in​ your daily life. it​ may be a​ few words or​ several pages,​ but it​ is​ not a​ "to do" list. it​ reflects your uniqueness and must speak to​ you powerfully about the​ person you are and the​ person you are becoming. Remember,​ it's okay to​ be where you are,​ while heading somewhere else. in​ fact,​ the​ only place you can start,​ is​ where you are right now. Having a​ personal vision does not mean your life changes overnight. But it​ will change. Your personal mission statement provides the​ steps to​ get you there.

Your Personal Mission Statement should answer three questions:

What is​ my life about (Purpose)?

What do I stand for (Values)?

What actions do I take to​ manifest my Purpose and my Values?

Stephen Covey writes that an​ empowering Mission Statement: Represents the​ deepest and best within you. it​ comes out of​ a​ solid connection with your deep inner life. is​ the​ fulfillment of​ your own unique gifts. It's the​ expression of​ your unique capacity to​ contribute. Addresses and integrates the​ four fundamental human needs and capacities in​ the​ physical,​ social/emotional,​ mental and spiritual dimensions. Deals with all the​ significant roles in​ your life. it​ represents a​ lifetime balance of​ personal,​ family,​ work,​ community-whatever roles you feel are yours to​ fill. is​ written to​ inspire you-not to​ impress anyone else. it​ communicates to​ you and inspires you on​ the​ most essential level.

"Creating a​ Personal Mission Statement will be,​ without question,​ one of​ the​ most powerful and significant things you will ever do to​ take leadership of​ you life. in​ it​ you will identify the​ most important roles,​ relationships,​ and things in​ your life - who you want to​ be,​ what you want to​ do,​ to​ whom and what you want of​ give your life,​ the​ principles you want to​ anchor your life to,​ the​ legacy you want to​ leave. All the​ goals and decisions you will make in​ the​ future will be based upon it. It's like deciding first which wall you want to​ lean your ladder of​ life against,​ and then beginning to​ climb. it​ will be a​ compass - a​ strong source of​ guidance amid the​ stormy seas and pressing,​ pulling currents of​ you life." Stephen Covey,​ author of​ the​ Seven Habits of​ Highly Effective People

A Personal Vision/Mission can help propel you into a​ new job,​ or​ make your present job work better for you. the​ more connected your Personal Vision/Mission is​ to​ yourself,​ the​ better it​ can guide your career and your life.

Writing Your Personal Vision Mission Statement

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