Writing Well For The Web

If you expect your potential clients to​ read the​ texts on​ your site,​ be especially particular about the​ content. Writing for the​ web has its own peculiarities in​ comparison with common publications. it​ is​ known that 79% Internet users just skip over the​ web pages,​ but rarely peruse them. it​ suggests that we​ should take pains to​ make their reading useful for them. Do not make these mistakes. Surely the​ site should make a​ bright and lasting first impression,​ but not with the​ help of​ the​ flash,​ the​ pet chip of​ many web designers. They consider flash to​ be very cool. in​ fact the​ visitors of​ the​ site can’t stand irritating flashes and start looking for the​ reference to​ do away with the​ annoying picture. the​ aim you make up a​ flash may be various,​ freelance technical writing for example,​ but the​ reaction to​ the​ flash will not be quite adequate. They have opened the​ page to​ acquire necessary information and the​ flash reel is​ a​ nuisance for them. the​ users don’t know if​ the​ information on​ your site is​ better than on​ the​ millions of​ the​ others. if​ they come across the​ flash at​ the​ very start they will just switch to​ another site. Forget about the​ flash and fill you site with the​ useful original texts.

In newspapers and magazines our attention is​ captured by pictures,​ photos and illustrations. it​ is​ not the​ same in​ the​ net. the​ research showed that first of​ all the​ users pay attention to​ the​ headline - they scan the​ whole page to​ find the​ seizing words. a​ single phrase that says: “freelance internet writing jobs” will not tell much about the​ offer itself. This is​ the​ key function of​ the​ titles and subtitles – they will reveal to​ the​ reader the​ content of​ the​ whole page so that he won’t have to​ delve into the​ details. the​ headlines attract the​ users’ attention. the​ first subtitle is​ to​ define the​ user’s problem (e.g. seeking a​ freelance writing job?),​ the​ second one is​ to​ scream – “Here is​ the​ solution!” Thus the​ reader gets the​ general idea of​ the​ site and if​ he swallowed this hook,​ he is​ likely to​ return and read the​ whole page. if​ your site welcomes the​ visitors in​ this way,​ you are just missing the​ real advantages. it​ might be the​ first and the​ last phrase the​ user reads on​ your site. Remember,​ that the​ Internet surfers came to​ your site to​ get what they,​ not you need. So,​ find out what their wants are. Describe the​ benefits,​ he will have,​ appeal to​ the​ emotions. the​ users must be sure that they deal with a​ trustworthy company and they have made a​ good bargain. Gain their favor: persuade them with the​ specific text highlighting the​ main benefits and advantages. Here everything is​ simple. the​ users write key words in​ search engines and phrases (e.g. freelance writing jobs).

The search engines present a​ list of​ the​ sites relevant to​ the​ inquiry. the​ users are inclined to​ choose the​ first sites from the​ list. the​ sites with the​ pertinent key words are placed at​ the​ top of​ the​ search list. So,​ you should define the​ key words of​ your potential clients and use them in​ your texts. Don’t clutter up the​ page with a​ great number of​ useless options or​ heavy graphics,​ downloading for too long. Use the​ empty space to​ lead the​ reader through the​ whole text from the​ first to​ the​ last word. Remember that screen reading tires the​ eyes. the​ screen reading is​ 25% slower than common reading that is​ why you should not strain your visitors. Divide the​ information into small portions,​ use short saturate sentences (e.g. Freelance writing jobs available) a​ paragraph should contain only one major idea. But you can make a​ lot of​ lists,​ as​ you never know which one magically turns a​ reader into a​ buyer. Your text will face serious trials. the​ users will not read it​ until they want it. Your task is​ to​ attract them with something new and interesting all the​ time. a​ famous marketing specialist Joseph Sugarman shared his secret of​ a​ successful text: “The aim of​ the​ text is​ to​ make you read the​ first sentence. it​ makes you read the​ second. the​ second one aims at​ reading the​ next and so on.” Mind that the​ text should describe your products or​ service and incite the​ reader to​ action. if​ you propose online freelance writing jobs you should mention,​ at​ least that your company or​ magazine or​ another facility that gives a​ freelance writing job opportunity,​ that you have a​ variety of​ possibilities starting from freelance writing editing jobs that is​ going to​ be a​ turning point in​ somebody’s career.

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