Writing The Ultimate Sales Letter Without Fear

Hard selling salespersons can be difficult to​ deal with: they can cajole you into buying a​ product or​ purchasing a​ service; they can drain your wallet with a​ few magic tricks up their marketing sleeves,​ and they can walk away with your money while you are left with a​ product or​ service you are not quite sure how to​ use,​ or​ why you should have it​ in​ the​ first place. Such are the​ arts of​ marketing,​ whether they use television advertisements or​ radio jingles. Not exempt from this label are sales letters,​ which are now also very difficult to​ write.

Why are good sales letters hard to​ compose? in​ the​ age of​ instant messaging and emails,​ salespeople can be caught up in​ the​ swiftness and decide to​ downgrade their writing talents to​ typing out a​ few words of​ text. Sometimes,​ curt,​ quick replies can turn potential buyers away; conversely,​ long,​ overdrawn replies can bore potential buyers to​ death and keep their money in​ their wallets.

The ultimate sales letter will strike the​ balance right in​ the​ middle: it​ will be long enough to​ describe a​ product or​ service in​ detail,​ but it​ will be short enough so that the​ recipient will not take long to​ read and understand its contents. it​ will be terse enough so that the​ potential buyers can be convinced to​ buy the​ product or​ service,​ but respectful so that potential buyers still feel that the​ sender cares for their welfare.

So how can you write the​ ultimate sales letter? You need to​ know that any letter has two main elements: format and content. Format is​ highly important,​ as​ it​ organizes the​ letter into known sections. Organization can allow your recipients to​ jump to​ the​ parts of​ the​ letter that they want to​ go to,​ simply because they have a​ clear view of​ how it​ is​ organized. an​ organized letter,​ moreover,​ can also reflect an​ organized company.

Content is​ a​ little bit more tricky,​ especially if​ you are used to​ writing slapdash messages. the​ ultimate sales letter will contain a​ description of​ the​ product or​ service,​ its price,​ any incentives that the​ recipient may get if​ he or​ she buys the​ product or​ service,​ and how the​ recipient can purchase the​ product or​ service. All this has to​ be placed in​ three or​ four short paragraphs of​ text,​ perhaps along with illustrations,​ and with an​ air of​ both care and respect.

The ultimate sales letter is​ admittedly difficult to​ write,​ and difficult to​ get right on​ the​ first try. if​ you are after the​ ultimate sales letter,​ you will first need to​ practice a​ lot. Choose a​ product or​ service that you believe in,​ then write about it,​ addressing an​ unknown recipient,​ and convincing that same recipient to​ buy the​ product. When you are done,​ count how many words you used to​ sell the​ product. Did you write down a​ hundred,​ or​ a​ thousand?

You will need to​ trim your sales pitch down little by little. the​ ultimate sales letter will take no more than two hundred words to​ make the​ sales pitch. First,​ you will need to​ convince the​ reader that he or​ she needs a​ certain product or​ service. This process of​ need creation is​ where many sales people fail,​ since it​ requires subtlety,​ not hard-selling overeager pitching. When you convince the​ reader that he or​ she has a​ need,​ then you need to​ show that you product or​ service can fill that need.

You may feel the​ need to​ compare your product or​ service with those of​ other companies’. Although this can be acceptable for some countries and in​ some contexts,​ don’t do it. You need only tout your product or​ service as​ the​ best. if​ you can,​ cite some testimonies from your satisfied customers. Make sure that your product or​ service is​ not only attractive,​ but can be sold.

Have you reached the​ two hundred word,​ four paragraph mark yet? You need to​ be respectful,​ and show the​ reader that your company cares for them. Remember,​ potential buyers need to​ know that you care,​ before they care about what you are selling. an​ ultimate sales letter will show all this,​ and perhaps even more,​ within one or​ two pages.

The ultimate sales letter should not be preachy or​ overenthusiastic,​ but filled with information that is​ useful and inviting. if​ you want to​ write the​ ultimate sales letter,​ practice as​ much as​ you can,​ do your research,​ and watch your tone. if​ your recipients see your effort and goodness,​ they will certainly purchase your products and services.

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